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  1. That is actually a really nice idea, and it would help trendy spoil us more with great content. Or they could make it so the lanes don't always spawn the same enemies. For example, switching a lane that always has bosses like the left lane of dragonfall gates with the middle lane or right lane.
  2. I don't think your first suggestion would ever go through, I'd rather have to repair them myself as it is an action that is also done during the round, but the other ideas are great. Kobolds not being an intellectual mob, I don't think they should ever run around a barricade which currently is all I see them do. As regard to the damage reduction, I do believe they should add in mods that only work for blockades where it reduces the amount of damage taken from certain enemies. Similar to the mods that increase our hero's damage and defense's damage to certain enemies. It would be a great fix that not only would get people to simply use barricades more, but use more than one kind of barricade through out the map.
  3. I know trendy, you're still working on the next chaos mob for chaos 8. When it is ready, hoping it's the spiders, I would love it if instead of you just throwing in a new expedition achieved through gear score. If you pushed players to go through onslaught. I would love it if chaos 8 was unlocked in expedition by reaching a certain floor in onslaught. At least floor 65 would suffice for me, others who climb might say higher, but I think having at least passed one omega wave is enough to get such a huge increase in power. For the less skilled players while still making the game a great climb.
  4. Reading a lot of the new onslaught comments compared to old onslaught comments is the main reason I am climbing now. Dungeon Defenders 2 has been lacking in difficulty for so long. I couldn't enjoy the game, it was nothing like the first. Now it is finally getting difficult with a new boss that shields himself and freezes defenses. I love it. Especially the design behind the frost drake freezing certain parts of the map. It is a little tedious and might need to be tweaked for solo players where the frost drake freezes smaller parts of the map at a time, but this is definitely a huge step forward. I really love dungeon defenders, even donated during the making of the second. I want to see more enemies that require more strategic set ups go into the game, can't wait to see what trendy does next.
  5. I want to see the spider enemies from the first Dungeon Defenders make their glorious return to Dungeon Defenders II as a Chaos 8 enemies. The number of the chaos will perfectly represent them and their legs.
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