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  1. I just hope they keep up development, unlike the first one the ps3. The ps3 just stopped and since the wife and I love playing this game we didn't want to go to PC to get all the sweet new content.
  2. Ah, I didn't realize we were still in alpha, apologies. I thought the recent patch was an update to beta, not just to normal alpha. Even so the price paid would be for the early access still. So beta would fall into that. Basically the game is not released so still early access hence the paid only access.
  3. The price we pay is for the access to the alpha; early access. The free to play should come when the game actually gets released.
  4. +1 Especially add item lock, due to the poor inventory UI, I'm constantly deleting wanted/equipped items. Happens to me all the time also.
  5. Yea it seems you can't get to private lobby without first playing a private match. Couldn't make the private lobby upon first loading up but went into match and invited wife to play and then we finished the match and we were taken to private lobby. Wish they still had the option for private lobby from start like before.
  6. I didn't get my apprentice one even though I got him to 25 last week. The popup didn't even mention it but mentioned my hunter one.
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