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  1. You can add me mantis007 me and friends run most maps.
  2. add me mantis007 and sort out set ups and specs if you like :)
  3. Thought that may have been the case thanks.
  4. Any ideas on the provoke 1k enemies? Just with squire and provoke ability or an easier way to do it.
  5. Hey nice run, however most don't have that bow, high traps what means harder to complete. :)
  6. Me and my friends regularly play, happy to find extras to play with who are at Nm4 stages. Add me mantis007 :) Know there's people out there finding it hard to get a team.
  7. I have played with a few other dungeon folk and the debate that poisonous tips bug out maps when playing is 50/50
  8. Has anyone completed this since carnival patch? Have tried many layouts nothing seems to hold. Any help be great on builds and what your blockades and traps are at for this.
  9. Can anyone tell what maps are worth grinding to get a decent bow for dps huntress? I've been stuck with this legendary bow for ever :)
  10. So they have increased the difficulty/ Ipwr range of maps, on nm4 the what I'm on at the moment you noticed the difference but the drops aren't any better?? What's maps can you get decent drops from?
  11. Yeah any info be great, I know they said in patch notes Increasing difficulty for levels can't even pass any mn4 runs now!
  12. Is there a reason why the gear is saying lvl 46 now? Even drops from nm4.
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