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  1. So I was playing the game with my friend and had earned 4 Souls. Went back to the tavern and was selling some of my lockboxes. When I sold a molten lockbox, not only did it sell it but it also sold my 4 Souls. I decided to say screw it, I'll just earn more. Play a bit more and earn 7 more souls after 2 more runs. When I go to open up my Pet Boxes (the food/reroll) I accidently click on the Souls because the inventory decides to jump to them. I wasn't selling anything yet they completely disappeared from my inventory when clicked on and I have now lost out on 11 Souls in total.
  2. Why defend the eggs if there are extras in the first place? o_O And don't know if anyones posted this but had this happen to all the red carpets one day.
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