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  1. In other words "I voted yes, but wanted to nitpick the definition"? I didn't vote because the functionality already exists. The issue raised by the OP is a valid concern and needs to be addressed, but not in the form of functionality changes/additions. TE should just do something to ensure everyone ends up with the items they were intended to have, if they were ninja'd away.
  2. I'm just glad to have new modes that I can't blow through in one night. I can actually get online with my friends and think of creative solutions, like how it was during my first run through the game back in October.
  3. The option you ask for in your poll already exists in the form of a "lock tavern items" option. I think this was just a case of poor implementation by excluding these things from the "locked items".
  4. My dps squire is all but worthless playing NM atm. There's a good case for sticking with your tower builder in combat to get the 30% buff, in which case, high resistances may not be all that bad. With the previously mentioned point in mind, I think the strongest argument against high res would be to put the points into anything else and do everything you possibly can to not get hit, but spiders can make this difficult.
  5. this game should have a healthy mix between tower-based and hero-based defending/winning. solution: BUFF WARRIORS What they should really do is get rid of warriors and just merge all of their attributes into ogres.
  6. JDanford should just post his cell #.
  7. I think nightmare is what it should be. I tried to solo deeper well and failed after kiting an ogre for 10mins on wave 3. This game was thrown horribly out of balance by the rapid and unnecessary gear stat progression, so it's good to once again have a mode that people can't roflstomp.
  8. Towers were nerfed repeatedly so hard. Weapons and abilities were nerfed. Then all of a sudden gear goes from 15-35^ to 100-200^. Explain to me the logic. These are valid and legitimate concerns that I have also raised in the past. I just have a hard time looking at a trend that appears to be following a normal pattern and drawing the conclusion that the bulk of players are leaving the game for the stated reasons. I complain a fair amount on the forums but I still play the game and purchase DLC despite the obvious game flaws. I think the bulk of the people who already left would have left
  9. Dumbest statement Ive read in a long time. If you cant attract new gamers and retain them eventually your game WILL die. There is absolutely no reason NOT to try to cater to as many gamers as possible. As for the direction of the game and its narrow view of who to cater to, Ill leave that debate to other threads. All games eventually die out. My absolute all-time favorite online mp fps's were Quake 2 and Hexen 2, but I haven't played them for as long as I can remember because new games came out and the core player base moved on. Take a look at the TV show Lost - one of my favorite TV s
  10. The total player-count has been dropping like a rock. Poorly designed loot ramp with no plans to retroactively fix items & ban those who exploited the system, combined with increasingly anti-Tower difficulty and gameplay mechanics. I enjoy the art style and the concept, but neither DD nor Trendy will last long at this rate. I would challenge you to present a data model for any other game that doesn't follow a similar trend.
  11. PLEASE stay ontopic, no flaming, baiting, trolling, etc. In Soviet Russia, this thread warrants staying on topic, not flaming, baiting, or trolling.
  12. If I had to take a guess, I'd say the problems are a result of TE not appropriately handling certain events raised by Steam. In the programming world, if something goes wrong and coding isn't in place to handle it, you get errors/crashes/etc. I think all the Steam stuff is great, but DD is having some obvious problems interacting with it, as is evident by all the reported DC issues. If they can find a solution that allows players to maintain their gaming session in spite of Steam related problems, people like me would have nothing to complain about on the forums ;)
  13. Omg omg omg!!!!!11 Cool story bro. This kind of information will help player establish where their equipment is sitting at, maybe motivate some players to try harder, and give everyone in the DD community much needed clarification on how many upgrades a certain weapon could have according to that patch. +1 for your valid point - communication is key. -over 9000 for thread title.
  14. We've e-mailed Valve about doing a release tonight, no response yet. While there's still a chance of a release tonight, I wouldn't recommend waiting up for it. At this point, a release noon-ish tomorrow is looking more likely. We'll keeppinging though, and let you know if anything changes or we magically see it live on Steam :) Thanks all, Jeremy How long have you guys been programming? You should never tell end users the exact time something is supposed to be released, lol. If you sent everything to Steam today, you gotta tell everyone to expect the patch within the next week or so ;) C
  15. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596956941024313310/5D5EBD2811F6BC5D8C8E7380D3535439C14546BC/ What. I suppose my judgement of size was a bit off. Perhaps a weapon like that would be better than a katana for content where the enemies have high hp, like MM and UMF. I'll still maintain my original point based solely on swing speed for all other content, though, based on the argument that the slightly higher dps will not result in an enemy being killed with less swings.
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