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  1. Hey, leider wird hier überwiegend nur die englische Sprache supportet, deswegen übersetze ich mal deinen Beitrag für die anderen. I will translate his question from german into english. He´s asking about the splitscreen function in DD2 for the PS4, he logged in and went to the social tavern, he activated his second controller but nothing happened. He´s also asking if the second controller (user) needs an account on psn. So he basically needs an instrucion for this.
  2. Really nice! Thats maybe why there are only defense power and defense health items! :)
  3. Just watch the apprentice towers... they just walk past... and if the wall damage them they can walk through it... the wall is to small, please do something here too!
  4. I like the idea, this would be perfect, there should be a equip for builder and dpsler and then for example for builder 2 (f.e. huntress) gears for traps and geyser. Maybe the mobs drop some tokens with which you can buy the gears
  5. There is generally a bug with the waller items, since the last patch I never saw defense Health / hero Health again... just defense health and hero health with the passive... Please fix that :(
  6. With the new staff from the Harbringer boss you can build really nice lightning strike auras, and I think its now possible the mage staff, to build a mage waller because of the bonus from the staff. Otherwise there is nothing new... traps are the best :/ they need to focus on the cannon and flamethrower towers...
  7. I can prove that, got the sme problem this is really creepy if you play Harbringer NM4 and your builder need to switch very fast in round 4/4 and this will happen... then he can´t use any abilitys or build any towers. But it looks very funny :D
  8. None of the present is rolled intelligent :/ When you got the perfect bonus, the stats suck like you need DPS and got a bow which deal additional damage, the stats will be Defence Power and the other bonus are for example for builder :(
  9. There won´t be a full wipe, why are you asking? There was only 1 wipe I think so but they said they won´t do that again :)
  10. Check your e-mail account and Spam, normaly you get an e-mail named free 200 gems! In this e-mail there you get a code which you enter at the mail box in the tavern
  11. Uhhh, that is how they are supposed to work Haha, yep I figured it out :D first I thought it works with the normal shots but it changed the Concussive Shots
  12. Very nice update! Great work guys! :) There is still a bug with Huntress, if you got the sphare (U) Stickynades and you hit the first skill (which is upgraded) the bombs will drop but will permantly lay down on the ground. They won´t will go away (try it with shooting on the ground but not on monsters)
  13. Thats awesome! I get a new message von I_PASS_BUTTER, he is with us and sended the PM to iamisom! I will give you new information, when I get them :)
  14. Push, I also write a PM here you can see what I written: Hey iamisom I´m very excited to write you this PM. I would like to ask you if its possible that I create an offical german community. I saw a lot of german ppl arround here and Ingame and its very said that there is (now) no translation or board for german players. I got a website www.Frontschwein-Gaming.eu (for the moment its just about the Game ARK). I also want to help you with the translation of the game into german. But I need your help with such a community, I would pay everything needed, in the german community there would be: - Patchnotes -Guides - Exclusiv informations from you - Maybe some Lets Plays (and Lets Players) - ... etc. what do you guys think about that? :)
  15. You´re welcom my friend, hope you will have a wonderfull time ingame, if you got questions just ask :)
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