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  1. Very fair point. While I myself don't have much staked in the outcome of this I do understand how close to a nonstop slip off the edge this could lead into. I've seen it happen to games I love, so a topic like this needs as many people to comment on it as possible. I'll go update my cons section as that is a very valid point, also to anyone else should you have a point you would like added should it be reasonable ill edit it into my post to provide a easy to see feeler on peoples opinion.
  2. Ok hey everyone, Most of you don’t know me but for once I have some input on a situation. Please understand that all points should be viewed separately and not as a chained statement. Also I will be doing my best to remain impartial. First of all this is a mess of a thread on both sides. Here are some of the Pros and Cons of adding Accessory (ACC) Colour Reroll (ACR). Pros Allows for easier matching of set items Has a cost behind it to prevent abuse Still has Random Number Generation (RNG) to keep with the core theme of Dungeon Defenders (DD) Provides an alternate use for coal increasin
  3. Ok I've failed posting this two times, so third times the charm! Ok now onto the memory: So... It was during the dark elf hunting event. I'm the last person standing, just hiding in plain sight. 2 min to go, still hidden. 1 min to go, still hidden. 30 seconds... I go to check the map... instead of shift... I... Pressed C. 9001% miss-click. Hurts man. I lost.
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