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  1. I do get what they're trying to do here, allowing everyone to participate both in the building ánd the fighting. It's going to need some changes to work out though. Not an easy issue, as you can't give everyone all the chests (too easy of a start) or balance it according to the amount of players on the map, seeing how people can join after you take a bunch of mana. I don't have a solution ready, but right now it mostly means that solo play just isn't an option, and you're going to be behind if you have one or two friends, as opposed to three. Think of the people who just can't make enough friends, Trendy!
  2. To be honest I would probably buy more than I voted for, but I voted for the things that would make for a more enjoyable game. Maps and heroes have a way to divide the community when some people have them and others do not. It also feels like you're just playing a demo for the real game, even when the actual free game is pretty good on its own. The best things to sell are cool cosmetics, like hero skins, tower skins, animations and accesories. Although even with those I'd say you need to be able to unlock a couple of cool things in-game. Having a cash shop that gets additions every week or so is also a major pitfall in my opinion - people tend to get frustrated when there's too much that's just unavailable with their budget. At least I think so, because I kind of do. To be fair, it does depend on how the game is implemented. If I don't feel the need to play every hero in the game, I probably wouldn't mind a couple of extra cash shop items. I'm actually not a big fan of micro-transactions either (it's a bad way for consumers to spend their money wisely), but I realize a free-to-play game needs to get funded, and I do believe it's possible to implement a cash shop the right way. Gonna be hard to do right though.
  3. "Transcendent Survivalist is an achievement that is unlocked by reaching wave 25 on every original campaign mission (from The Deeper Well to Glitterhelm Caverns) and the DLC campaign mission City in the Cliffs, on Nightmare difficulty with the Survival Mode option enabled." Right there where you linked it. I don't think they really need to specifically mention that it won't unlock on any other difficulties. That would be a bit overzealous.
  4. [c3;941684']this makes me happy. this is what i envision when i think of dungeon defenders 2. though it looks like they needed more buff beams... Please no buff beams. I hate it when using a tower becomes a no-brainer. Except for slows, I guess.
  5. I'd be willing to see each of them return, but only one level each. There's just too many problems with them. Spiders severely limit your choices. Sharkens and Djinn are pretty much only countered by gas traps, and the goblin copters just add too many ogres to an already ogre-infested lategame.
  6. I just want to point out that my comment still stands as is. I don't want to be forced into having to use a particular class to overcome a specific enemy type. Nor a particular class (like the summoner, ev etc) to build. Balance is the priority for PvE imo. I'd like to elaborate a little bit on this. I don't think you mean every hero needs to be able to solo a map. The old DD never gave the huntress any anti-air, and the monk had a hard time soloing if there were no other builders. That being said, it was not a good thing that we needed gas traps to counter so many enemies. No gas traps = no victory. That's not right. The same goes for buff beams really, or summoner minions. They were just too good - and that's the problem. Applying this to map balance: If we are going to have both DU and MU, at least have multiple heroes who can use these MU. But it would be preferable if we had just one unit cap.
  7. I've been playing some Orcs must die lately, and I think it might be a good idea to use that game as an example to look at DD's strong points. Here's some things you should definately keep: + Bossfights. These were amazing (most of them) and definately should get some attention + Free building. Being able to build wherever you want on a map, without being stuck to specific patches allows for great variety + 4 player co-op, without co-op being too necessary to beat the game + Memorable maps. DD had a great feel to some of its maps that made them stand out. (Ramparts/Summit/Hall of Court for me) The music, the layout, the design, this all is important. A couple of things that might add something: - Unique upgrades to traps (like you can choose between two different unique upgrades to them) - The ability to build some traps on walls and ceilings, this could be pretty awesome - Interactive map features. Like chandeliers you can shoot down, or some spring-mounted mounted lions or whatever. (don't do spring mounted lions, that's ridiculous. Spring mounted robot-lions though...) Anyway, to get into map layout more specifically. While I do prefer having small, compact maps, I'm definately fine with having a couple larger ones. Large, in this case, means large like the Summit, Aquanos, or Mistymire. Karathiki is just way too big for no reason. Moraggo was a really cool map, but just too big for me to ever play survival on it. There's just a couple of things you can't do on a small map. I doubt Hall of Court or Summit could have felt that epic if they were significantly smaller. I have always been a fan of bowling turrets. Maps with stairs were like candy to me, it was really dissapointing to have so many important enemies be flyers. If I were to condense that into any kind of advice, it's to match the maps to the traps you have. Intersecting paths, or different paths being close together is pretty amazing, as it allows for some interesting setups. Not that every map should be like that (most weren't), but it's definately something that should feature on some of the maps. Different height tiers could be fun, but since I use the minimap a lot I would love to see a better way those handle multi-tiered maps. Orcs must die 2 was decent with those, but still far from perfect.
  8. While I was guarding the Eternia Crystal, I saw dead orcs, then the ogres spawned and I prayed for a twist ending.
  9. Global upgrades were introduced in the game Demigod. While I personally loved the idea, the game itself just wasn't good enough to hold the attention. Mostly because there weren't enough heroes I guess. Either way, I'm not sure if it would fit in with the casual feel they're going for. I do still love it though.
  10. I'm a big ELO-fan. I may just start using "Don't bring me down" for the harder things I host. Or some Midnight Blue :D
  11. Thank you so much. I added a new theme because of this thread. They're amazing!
  12. Nothing wrong with a reason to play a challenge. Gives some extra variety :D
  13. I vaguely remember somewhere that nightmare wasn't going to be "endgame", but I suppose I might be imagining things. Don't be ashamed, happens to a lot of people :D I'm pretty sure they mentioned that they'd be adding more than just the shards, which has happened (map packs, new heroes, holiday stuff), and I'm pretty pleased with. Now I've never even heard anyone suggest there would come another difficulty after nightmare mode though.
  14. Also, you don't actually have to play the ranger to get its costume :D
  15. You gotta be really careful when dispensing justice. I realize it's absolutely amazing to give someone what's coming to them, but it's hard to find the right line there. It's not easy to tell when someone is joking just from the text, or how they really mean it. You do find the nicest people when just running for exp, or doing a map for other people. That's mostly because you're just being nice. Even then it can go weird. I've had a guy acuse me of being a hacker (probably for having stats around 2.5k :P), and after about five minutes of explaining that these are very attainable stats, he asked me if he could have some armours. That's one of the few times I kicked someone from a Palantir exp run :P
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