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  1. This feels weird posting in General (We need a sub forum for Guides/Help) unless I'm blind. I need help with progressing to NM4 it seems I hit a wall. I clear NM3 Liferoot with no effort at all but when I try NM4 I only make it to round 3/4. My gear is all from NM3 and it seems impossible to solo NM4 with NM3 gear. My stats are... DP Huntress - 3700DP & 9% Trapwire DP Mage - 3000 DP & 41% Frosty Wall Squire - 240k walls DP Monk - 3100 DP & 19% Boost Aura + Boost Blockade sphere. Do I just give in and try to find a party? or am I missing something? I refuse to leech. Thanks in advance.
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