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  1. The average person + internet's ability to make you anonymous = jerk
  2. Hahah i also often hear him calling me a masturbator And why on earth is the word m0ther censored? Lmao
  3. I'm going to laugh and hold you to it if your girl friend cheats on you, your wife, if you even have one. Just don't get upset about it. /roflstomped It's not human nature, that's environmental impact. Eh? I said it happens everywhere all the time, why would you expect otherwise on the INTERNET where you can be completely anonymous...if yu believe whining about it will make them stop or even THINK about stopping then, well, hehe.
  4. Nah, most hackers do not hack because it's "too hard" i'm pretty sure...people hack because they are bored, because they're close to quitting anyway, because they're used to having that certain advantage over others just for the sake it, because the anti chest system is not doing its job, etc. Dozens of reasons, pretty ignorant to say something like that. I've never understood people who feel such an extreme need to hate on cheaters, there always have been cheaters, there are cheaters now and there always will be cheaters in games, sport, relationships etc. Human nature to find short cuts,
  5. Apprentice is the highest dps character hands down, no argument here
  6. Yes these are better than the qqqqqqq threads about casuals
  7. Why would you even start this thread without a picture as proof? Also, only counts if it's in ranked :p
  8. Play with friends? I hate pugs/randoms, they are very unpredictable and usually really suck aswell as having crap gear
  9. I hate the whiny casual nerds more than hackers, if you play less you should not get the same gear as someone that plays all day, end of story gtfo
  10. Well there obviously are many out there, but i don't know why people would trade them away if they rare and BiS pet... And no, you can NOT hack guardian's boost stat, i tried.
  11. Hi just like the title states, i want to go afk while getting power leveled and will pay 25m mana at the end of each round I need many characters leveled from 70/71 to 74, for each char that gets to 74 i'll give a nice bonus! Add Karl Pilkington to steam or leave your id here, thanks
  12. I absolutely hate how the recent patches have brought that god damn return to tavern crash back again...why on EARTH is the fix not included in the upcoming patch?
  13. I hate most other people, i am forced to pair with them now to do something i did before alone which was changed randomly in a patch for no reason at all, not cool..but i like how the 220+^ stuff is rarer now
  14. Hi I need a minimum of 2 characters leveled to 74, preferably about 4+. The chars are 70/71. Looking for someone that can rush glitter insane fast, i will be afk whole time can pay at end of each round. Add Karl Pilkington to steam (or Funk3h, dunno, bugs sometimes) to discuss price, or just leave a post here! Thanks
  15. Hi welcome to my short guide to become a simple mmo grifter First of all put on some crappy equipment and leave your mana with a friend, nobody must know that you even have the slightest of decent gear. Go onto the server list, either games or shops and search for one of those turds that trades items for real life currency, i usually find the american ones that trade for USD to be easy prey. Join him and ask if he could hide the game because you are a potential customer but a bit afraid of the consecuences and do not want to be interrupted because an admin or something might join. He a
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