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  1. Personally 14 DPS: 7 Squire, Apprentice, Ranger, Monk, Series EV, Summoner, Barbarian Builder: 7 Countess, Adept, Initiate, Huntress, Series EV (Beam), Series EV (Wall), Summoner Of those, the ones I use the most are the DPS summoner, Builder summoner, Beam EV, Aura initiate, and the traptress
  2. Decided it's time to finally farm up some new weapons, so I ask you. What is the best weapon for the following classes in the following ways I wish to play them? Do not include weapons from the crystalline dimension, as I don't want to try and farm that lol. Monk - Ranged damage - Barbarian - hawk stance - Apprentice - Single target DPS focused - Huntress - single target focused - Some final notes. I don't particularly care if the weapon is an elemental weapon, just that it can do a lot of damage with abilities and to ogres.
  3. I see an ogre minion in that picture. While I have never seen it myself, supposedly the ogre minion can move towers it walks through, like the ogre in Unlikely Allies does, though that doesn't explain the damage, unless something just lobbed a shot at it when you weren't paying attention.
  4. You can have 3 if they are archers. It takes some pretty picky placement though.
  5. Since I only use the genie to upgrade and nothing else, the highest base possible is best for me. Nice to have the formula though, can figure out exactly how much more mana a genie upgrade would give.
  6. I've gotten more than 280 mana per genie animation. I think the highest I've gotten is 400ish, but my Genie has an absurd base.
  7. I started on 9. While there isn't enough mana to build everything, with enough stats you only need a couple of minions at each spot, then can gather up the rest during the wave. I honestly wasn't going for quick farming with this build, I just wanted something very stable.
  8. Thanks for showing your interest, Gamblor. My goal here was to try and get it afkable. I still have a lot of refining to do. One of my ideas involves dropping 7 arches for 4 mages so I can have extra healing at each crystal but that would require even more OCD spacing issues and in turn leave some sides more exposed to copters as the archers can sometimes hit the copters when the clogs are gone. Also, I am trying to avoid towers that I know will take a lot of Ogre/DEW damage. In addition, the lack of towers allows me to be a bit more offensive with the gas traps, since Djinn can only des
  9. Yeah, that happens. My first two runs of Sky city I actually was moving the stuff around each wave to figure out the best spots to place things. My first run ended on wave 26 because of a gap in the south that one ogre went from the west to the east side and hit the northmost minion, which splashed onto the crystal, which is why the minion wave south is shoved up so far. With that said, this build is really OCD about placing things. I only had one ogre hop over the minion wave where I had it placed. It scared the hell out of me but luckily the other side was clear so he walked to that
  10. I use two, but I have been integrating more proton beams into my builds. It depends on what you want it for. For Campaigns/challenges, it's not that important. For survival, it helps to maximize the beams, especially if you use things other than buff beams. It also helps to get more stats into the buff beams if you can afford it. The beam may scale slowly individually, but it really adds up in more complicated builds that have 10+ towers on a single beam.
  11. It would depend on your stats, but pre 20, a couple of levels was fine for me, but I did the upgrading with only 1 summoner out (so there was no copter rush). Once everything was upgraded, I brought the second one out.
  12. Oh yeah, I placed some without Gear, because I wanted them closer to the core. Proxies mostly and the southern inferno. Still modifying it (it would so help if Ethereals were useful), but yeah, the proxies are for ogre rushes, not for trash.
  13. Note: Any question asked that was answered by reading the description WILL BE IGNORED. READ! Shout out to Gamblor's Talay build for giving me this idea. (Work in Progress) Hello. I was tinkering about with a build that can be done with only my two summoners out (I think it may work better solo because you get less copter ogres as it goes from 20 to 40 when you add the second person). Now, if you're looking for a build where you don't have to do anything, or have no heroes in combat, or can go afk to get pizza and soda, look elsewhere. This build takes work, but does not require an
  14. Do it on Insane. The Crystal does not heal on insane or nightmare, so if you let the crystal drop below 100hp on insane, then build a proper defense where it can not get hit anymore, you get the Daredevil.
  15. I meant mixed hardcore survival with only summoners out (no monks obviously)
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