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  1. Are they? I thought they just had to be in your inventory. Well, nevermind then,
  2. Hello, everyone! I started playing this a couple months ago, and as such can no longer get Easter Eggs to unlock the Squire Bunny costume. Would anyone out there happen to still have Easter Eggs, and be willing to let me hold them to unlock the costume? I would be most appreciative. :-) Thanks in advance!
  3. Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. I hope to start farming kobolds myself, and I wanted to make sure there wasn't something I needed to be doing differently. :-)
  4. So, I've played through Tavern Defense Pure Strategy lots of times, and wound up with plenty of sub-par kobolds. Upon finding out that the really good kobolds are gotten through Survival Mix Mode, so I joined one of those a day or two later. While in the game, nearing the last few waves, the host told everyone to unequip any kobolds they already had, because having one equipped would supposedly make the kobolds we got as rewards weaker (his exact words were something like "the devs think that using one to get one would be too easy". Then, when the match was over, I mentioned how good my kob
  5. So, I'm trying to get the Real Time Strategist achievement (and its NM variant), and the wiki says that you have to beat every original level, the first three Eternia Shards levels, as well as Glitterhelm and City in the Cliffs. People replying to the wiki, though, say Glitterhelm and City in the Cliffs aren't necessary. My question is, are they? I've beaten all of the above except those two, and I don't have the trophy/s. Do I need to beat both of those? One of those?
  6. Hello, all! So, I've been having problems with getting my rewards from the Crystalline Dimension stage. I've beaten it four times so far, three by myself and once online, and twice I've had problems. First, I managed to score a spot in an online NMHC game, and I used my Huntress. Once the level was over, something went wrong and the game froze as soon as the ending cinematic was over- when I hard-restarted the game, I had both costumes (Legendary Huntress and Super Legendary Huntress) but no weapon or armor rewards. Like, none at all. That bothered me, but whatever. Second, I decided
  7. Ahh, that explains it. I thought I was going crazy.
  8. So, I bought DD for the PS3 back at launch, and had a blast with it. I plat'd it fairly quickly (around the time the Eternia Shards DLC came out) and then stopped playing. I have since picked up the Steam version, and have been having a blast playing it. However, a couple days ago, I booted up the ol' PS3 version. It was... disturbing to say the least, seeing the vast difference between the two. But one thing especially bothered me. If I could ask a strange question, what is the highest difficulty on the PS3? Insane, right? I feel like this is a strangest question, because of course I
  9. Hello, everonye! I'm at work right now and, long story short, I'm going to be getting paid to play Dungeon Defenders. So who's up for joining me? :-) I'm hoping to get some of the achievements for Nightmare Mode (specifically, I have three challenges that need to be completed on NM- original Warping Core, Wizardry, and Ogre Crush, plus I need to beat about half of the original campaign levels plus the Eternia Shards levels on NMHC). Also, I've never beaten any of the holiday levels, so I'd love to play those too. The problem, though, is that I'm not super high-level (I have an 86 apprent
  10. WOW that was pretty dang accurate, nice one. Although i'm sure we all would rather you were wrong and tower attack was fixed!!! Oh, trust me, when I posted it, I seriously hoped I would be proven wrong on every account- in fact, in that thread I was called out for being too negative by at least one poster. I meant it as a "worst-case-scenario"- as in, "Trendy would have to be complete idiots to let it get this bad". Except it wound up almost exactly as I had predicted. :-( Like I said, I wish I had been proven wrong. When I looked back at my post, I literally laughed out loud at how ridicu
  11. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?42001-Start-getting-excited&p=308587[[1296,hashtags]] 1. The patch wasn't submitted until at least the third week of February. (True.) 2. It came out in the second week of April. (Close enough.) 3. There is one additional console DLC (as opposed to the two I predicted). 4. The PC has the Barbarian and Series EV and several additional levels (though not the increased mana cap I predicted). 5. The console patch increased the mana and level caps, and the attack rate stat is still bugged. (No word on whether the Xbox patch will eliminat
  12. I'm assuming you're a Star Trek: Voyager fan. (Or at least a Jeri Ryan fan.) I've never thought about my favorite fraction. I guess... 3/4?
  13. Pretty sure the patch hasn't been submitted yet. I... wow. If that is the case, I don't know what to say that won't just be taken as yet another complaint/TE bash. I just can't believe it.
  14. This may come off sounding like nothing but a complaint, but I mean it as an honest question. I would love an answer to it. The dev team also told me that they have been unable to reproduce the save corruption glitch here in the office. If we can't reproduce it, then there is no way for us to be able to fix it. If you have experienced the issue, we need as many details as possible concerning what you were doing before your save was corrupted. There must be some common ground that we can find on the issue. My question is this: Why is this being brought up now? Now, as in, AFTER the patch w
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