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  1. Well, now you've got some nice equip if you ever run into one of those old mage-with-sword / squire-with-staff etc bugs again xD Apart from that... yeah, pretty useless now...
  2. [[155960,users]] i hope you're aware of the fact that this is the DD2 forums you're posting in?
  3. Yeah this one is kinda annoying... There's still the *** approach to afk guys in the tavern blocking your public game: Just stow them away to some freeplay / campaign / whatever map, leave their session and go back to your desired map...
  4. The only other thing I can think of would be that you hit the 12k total medals limit, I'm just gonna assume it's not that xD
  5. Never hit the cap myself, but i heard its at 2k medals... and I'd guess it resets when you get your daily, just wouldn't make sense to have different times for stuff like that...
  6. Well, the number of trashes might rise a bit, but they die in the defenses anyways. The amount of special enemies on the other hand stays exactly the same. but I guess we're getting off topic ;-)
  7. Well, I liked it when you had to think about the build for some minutes and decide who's gonna play DPS Huntress and who's gonna play DPS Mage. But yeah, we obviously disagree. Well, didn't notice that, but still only two incursions out of the lot do that. And a difficulty called "Nightmare" as endgame content that I can play most maps of without much effort isn't worth that name in my opinion. The fact that Incursions don't scale with playercount was only one point to show [[150185,users]] that you can also read signs in the game towards promoting Multiplayer, not about me thinking that N
  8. It IS exclusively online though - and if you pay attention to it you'll notice that the Bling King is the only Incursion that scales how many lanes spawn significant enemies depending on the number of players. Every other incursion will always have the same amounts of lanes with "lots" of enemies. For the normal maps: Of course you'll need to get into the game, maybe on your own - but the game also has a strong focus on social elements - Tavern, Hub - and is meant to be played in groups, even with people you don't know (yet?). Get in a hub, talk to some people, find someone to play with and pl
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but failing NM4 solo should not be worthy of mentioning... The main feature of NM4 as I remember was players being slightly underpowered... I think possible solo/duo builds on Bastille and Bling King should not exist... (Not that i'm not doing them, but that doesn't mean it should be possible)
  10. Exactly like this... I bought the LSA uber, tested it out and never used it again. HCB: same fate. Not uber, but garbage. I could not have worded this better, the fun or interesting part currently is farming with friends and hoping for that one item where iPWR, stats and passives just match up I hope this isn't as "temporary" as the removal of lane resistances which probably would've prevented the Archer spam from being an effective build strategy. Adding the "Calling all Heroes" Patch onto the removed resistances made the game too easy in my opinion... The fun about NM4 used to be barely m
  11. I can't replicate this on PC, and i mix my Protons with a friend's defenses a lot...
  12. i can second that... still a bug but only visual.
  13. While that's not the ultra fast ninja-hotpatch that i secretly prayed for, a fix in the next few patches sounds really nice for a bug of the complexity you described :-) Thanks a lot!
  14. The patch apparently removed the ability to place Healing Fountains and Abyss Stones at the Harbingers main battle stage (waves 1-3). Image: http://fs5.directupload.net/images/user/160519/zqwgly9d.jpg Bug form also filled.
  15. Edit: Sticky Nades seem to have no effect on the Harbinger, not sure what i believed to have seen before... Original: As far as i could observe the Sticky Nades seem to deal no damage for the first few seconds after the Harbinger has spawned, if you wait about 10 sec into the wave, they have their usual effect XAstroBoomX That damage reduction is just Harbingers usual damage reduction...
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