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  1. Might as well give it a go. :) Thanks in advance! (and congrats to the winners!)
  2. Unless I'm mistaken, they usually refer to whether or not the item in question has been upgraded at all. For example, if I had two armor pieces that were exactly the same in every way except one is untouched while the other has been upgraded quite a bit. The first is "clean" while the other is "dirty". Some people prefer "clean" pieces as that gives them more freedom to upgrade the stat or stats they need. I hope this helps! (assuming I got it right myself XP )
  3. 0_0 My screenshot made it in. Thank you Trendy! The mana will go a long way to helping me with getting into nightmare. :) I'm glad you all like the screenshot. :3
  4. I'll give this a go. :) Thank you for this opportunity. -Bramblefire
  5. 1)Tower Set #1 2)Tower Set #2 3)Propeller Cat 4)Sea Horse Even if I'm not lucky enough to win, Thank you! :)
  6. Will your next project involve penguins in any fashion, major or minor?
  7. Wait? One can stop playing Dungeon Defenders? I may not play as intensely as others, (An hour or two at most a day) but I won't stop playing. :)
  8. It depends on what difficulty you currently have enabled. For example, say if you beat the shards map on all but insane/nightmare, then when either difficulty is selected, the portal vanishes.
  9. Fwew, thank you for this thread. :) When I saw the Patch Notes, I got worried, but its good to know y'all won't be ramping it up too much. :) Thank you :)
  10. I'll give that a go and see if it fixes it :) Edit: Yep, regular Xbox360 controller. And it does to it every time. :P Anywho, verifying now. :) Edit2: And that did the trick! :) Thank you for your help! :)
  11. I feel like I am talking to brick walls. This does nothing to alleviate the problem with drops. You are still going to have to farm just as much to hope rng favors you. Only thing this does is allow you to bypass other harder maps if you are lucky and get drops. You will still have to farm and farm and farm to get good gear. Also I don't know why we think its ok that trendy has basically said F off to everyone's biggest problem with the game after selling dlc after dlc. Why can they not work to fix a problem that has been in the game for the last 6+ months instead of putting a bad band-aid over the problem. Because they have bigger things to worry about? They do have to make money, and dundef cant to this forever. It's either spend hours upon hours balancing then re-balancing once the first balancing is found to be flawed or work on their next big project that they seem so exited about. Anywho, this is the internet, neither side will win here. I'm gonna go play Dungeon Defenders. :)
  12. I believe they stated in the stream that this is more of a necessity than a choice. They had to adapt her animation in such a way to allow for all weapons to be used. :)
  13. And the constant barrage of harder and harder hardcore geared levels/patches didn't? I don't see many other casual players left on this board. At least not many that are vocal about being casual. :P (yes I know that last bit doesn't necessarily prove anything) In fact, because of the difficulty in catching up as a casual player, I left the game for a large period of time. Yes, I'll admit the level is imbalanced, this should be a stepping stone rather than a shortcut. Yes, the RNG still needs to be fixed. But frankly, this is now closer to the game I bought at launch. A fun game that everyone has a shot at endgame. Besides, like others have said before, gear is only part of the game, there is much to be said about skill. I can't simply use the same strategies I used when I first started. I am not saying you are wrong, just that this level is a breath of fresh air. This is a video game after all. So what if I end up playing less time (say several hundred rather than several thousand), chances are real life stuff will push this to the side sooner or later. The better question would be, why am I debating this and not playing it atm. XP PS-You'd be surprised how long some casual players will play some games. ;) Sometimes its just a matter of how spread out one plays. Edit: Woa, alot of people just posted, I probably should have quoted. XP
  14. It stays in the original orientation, yes.
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