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  1. There's a lot of Medium Mode Gladiators in this thread, I see... 1) The mana cost is not worth mentioning. When are you ever not at 1420? 2) The cast time is not worth mentioning. When are you ever doing anything without Overcharge on? The problem with Mana Bomb is the cooldown, as has been stated. Mana Bomb's damage actually scales decently well. If you invested your armor upgrades into it, I'm sure it would do upwards of 30k damage? Give or take? But the fact of the matter is that it has a monstrous cooldown. It doesn't matter if it instakills everything on the entire map. I
  2. I'm in search of an App Guardian (aren't we all, since the others don't work well with traps & auras), and a good armor set. But nobody accepts Mana offers anymore. Which is very unfortunate, because I've spent all my sales stocking up on legitimate Mana. Silly me, I should have only traded items for items, apparently. Because now, all my hard work is worth nothing. I've decided the only way for me to upgrade my gear at all is to personally loot it from the ground. Too bad Trendy keeps DC'ing hosts at wave 16. What's a nigga to do? (Play other games, I guess...)
  3. I've been DPS Apprentice from the very start :) But they still aren't as good at score racking as a Huntress. Apprentices are better for completion, Huntresses are better for scoreboards and PvP. Higher movement speed, higher HP scaling, and higher DPS from maximum range is what matters in those.
  4. I'm trying to figure out what you even spent those upgrades on...
  5. I can pay in mana and/or items in my armor shop. I consider good resists... well. Ideally, 15% or 17%, but realistically, I'd like 10% or higher.
  6. I doubt that you can make that dps without monk aura. I would say 300, Maybe 400K is possible with that staff, but not more. Also, charge rate make is kind of pointless without a macro that handles it, even then it'll probably full charge every few seconds wasting DPS. No, this guy's pretty much on the money... I wonder how many people use charge macros... sigh...
  7. Except that that's not a terrible place for towers. The only thing is they should have been Fireball Towers. Magic Missiles are kind of bad if there's no air...
  8. So basically... I am tired of using some crappy *** gear while I supply tons of people with amazing gear. If anyone can get me a great set, or at least a large portion of a great set, I will pay very well. I am looking for... pretty much the obvious. High resists is the most important thing. If it doesn't have this, don't even bother with the piece. After that, I would like good base Hero Health, probably 30+ (but not necessarily, I would have to assess the whole set). And last but not least, I would - of course - want to see equally good base Hero Damage. Let's see if this threa
  9. 400k dps AND 2800 hp??? I mean... I guess your gear is like, 30+ base stats and 45+^ in all slots, with a 60-whatever^ staff? My gear really is kinda bad for... my status, I gotta do something about that...
  10. Granted but u don't have any electricity for the pylons. I wish TE would make another reappearence. Granted, but "another reappearance" is ridiculously redundant and you look kinda silly now. (... Don't worry, they'll show up! The wish has been granted!) I wish for infinite wishes.
  11. The one in your bank. It's pretty much running into other items' pictures.
  12. 87% all resist Apprentice with 2357 hp (or something), 150+ Casting Rate, and 150+ Overcharge. And a 219k DPS poison staff. And a 20 strength App Guardian. You could say I... Got the best of both worlds. Let me know.
  13. I can't tell you how many hours I have spent on this game jumping around in the Tavern as I wait for friends to join, setting all kinds of new and exciting challenges for myself. The layout of all the obstacles is just so fantastically designed, allowing all kinds of games to be played. Run at full speed and try not to bump into a table! Get a good workout by jumping from top to bottom floors using the tavernkeeper as the middleman! Or - my childhood favorite - Don't Touch The Lava, where the floor is the lava!! You can even get a friend in on the excitement and see how long you can float o
  14. I have seen a Guardian with +6 for its affected towers, but mine always cap at +5. You get to rank it up every 10 levels, which caps it at +5 on level 40. At level 50, I've never even got the option to give it +6. And yet, I have seen someone with a Monk Guardian (if that makes any difference, who knows) that only had 55^ but it was +6 towers. I'd naturally assume it was hacked, except that due to the circumstances of the thread and the replies thus far in it, the guy who had the Guardian was most likely using a legit one. So, I have no idea. Any feedback on this?
  15. I mean... It made 99.9% no difference back in the day. But nowadays, with superloot+... There's literally no difference. In fact, most of the good stuff I've found has been Leather... So I'm just wondering, more or less rhetorically: Are people really that... "stubborn"?
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