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  1. An intelligent carry can stop an Akali from dashing around? A Singed from trucking in? An Alistar from Flashghosting? Etc? I guess you're just a LOT better than me, because I'm still trying to figure out what to do once Poppy decides she wants you dead. God forbid it's an AP Poppy...
  2. I'm cleaning all my guns. fun times. just got a new bushmaster e2sle ar-15 :D. my ruger M77 Mark II Gunsite Scout will be ready for pickup on friday. CANT WAIT. Now i just need about 50 treadmills and my house is zombieproof. So what you're saying is... When your house becomes the SOURCE of the zombie infestation, we're just going to have zombies with guns.
  3. And ShadyC, grow up, go outside. You're not casual, sorry. I have a full time job, I hang out with friends, and I play other games (such as having over three thousand games played on League of Legends). Allow me to reiterate my point: I am a casual DD player. I am sorry you are also casual and cannot do what I can do. But I am not the best, nor am I the most casual. There are many people even more casual than I am that are also even better than I am. But I like how you told me to grow up, and then told me to go outside, all in the same sentence. Stay classy. Really shoul
  4. Oh christ. You cleared it on EASY? Even HARD is a joke. A pre-Spook Animus can solo it. EASY? We're done here.
  5. How do you get that from this thread? Huntresses are still better. Piercing Shot and weapon variety each individually put the class above Apprentice in DPS'ing. The only reason to take an Apprentice is if you want that Overcharge repairing.
  6. Usually people will specify. If they don't, assume it's with all the bonuses, since that will be the higher number to self-advertise with, and surely that's what they're doing.
  7. Sorry but I don't want to grind the same level’s over and over again for hours to just to gain a few levels knowing that as a solo gamer I will never be able to complete the wizard challenge which says that you should be level 25 yet as a single player at 40 I still can't run between the 6 doors that they come out of too kill the only 2 that can die at a time. Or how about the one that makes you a chicken how do you do this as the only player? This game was meant for hardcore players only and if you can't admit that then you have not taken the first step to recovery. You talk to us about a
  8. What? You have to group up in order to complete challenging contect in an online game that allows grouping? Insanity! Everything should be able to be done by yourself within a few hours of finishing downloading the game, that way you can show off all your fancy trophies and move on to the next game. That's exactly it, and I've said it before. People just want to "beat the game" and add it to their list of conquered civilizations, then go beat the next Steam game.
  9. No, that just makes you fall under the "casual and bad" category, as mentioned in the OP.
  10. I like how you make a thread to help people solo the current "end-game" content, and a bunch of mads low-rate the thread.
  11. ShadyC / OP. By looking at your steam profile you are definetly NOT a casual player, you are (what i would call) an hardcore DD gamer. You have 250 hour total play time, 50 hours the last 2 weeks. You have all campaign & challenge & survival achievements. You have pictures of you doing doing 250K+ DPS on a dummy and 25mil+ mana. I honestly think this is a bull**** thread and that you should remove it :D I already addressed all of those things. You should read the thread and get caught up with the rest of us.
  12. Curious. So not knowing a key when you're new to a game makes you a "noob," yet not knowing how to use the built in chat functionality to tell a new player about a single key makes you a "pro?" I can just imagine the OP sitting there, fuming through an entire "50 times as long" multiplayer game: Why don't you know the key, noob?! If there was some sort of chat function in this game, I'd tell you what to do, but there isn't, so you're a noob! Owned, with an appropriate avatar face for extra credit.
  13. I've seen you on the forums a lot, you're a VERY negative person, lol Yes, I am. I would never deny this.
  14. ShadyC: I haven't played this game in a few weeks. Hey brah you forgot to unlink your steam profile and it said 64 hours that seems a mite been more than a few hours. Leaving the game on while going to work will do that. I mean - I know it's a LOT easier to believe all of the following: 1) I'm lying. 2) I made this thread just to cause a riot. 3) Everyone else who plays casually and clears content is also lying. Rather than believing: 1) I'm telling the truth. Because believing that shorter, more-likely list would make you wrong. And nobody wants to be wrong.
  15. We got so many debates going on in here... Gear vs strategy. Towers vs heroes. Casual vs hardcore. sigh...
  16. It can come from the shop. And only the decent ones will.
  17. So we are expected to believe, OP, that you are some kind of casual player and you have 400+ posts on the DD board? Disingenuous at best. Posts are done out of game, and can largely consist of thread bumps. NAW MEAN?
  18. Your avatar is fitting. You have no idea.
  19. Everyone I know who lives there says it's a snorefest. Of course, that's just how Florida is...
  20. I haven't played this game in a few weeks. And the few times I have got on, it was from my friends saying, "hey let's try these new warping core missions/ Uber Monster Fest/ mixed mode (to disconnect at wave 18 and give up, which takes maybe an hour or two)". No, yeah, I've become quite the casual player. But when I get on and casually do things, I succeed and then progress to the next stage of gear and completion. I don't even have the Legendary Defender achievement. How am I a hardcore player? I'm missing about 10 achievements, or something. And half of them are easy, like havin
  21. I'm not against that theory, to just farm mana for buying better gear for clearance. Granted, I don't think you should need to do that to clear the campaign at all. But if your allotted game time does not allow you to clear extra content with your current gear, then you just... do what you gotta do. I don't think people are thinking, "well this isn't the fun way we intended," because if not for doing it that way, they wouldn't be able to clear it at all. The point is, if you only play an hour a day, you don't need superloot. Also this. The real problem is one that I have state
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