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  1. GRANTED but is locked until you beat every mission and challenge on nightmare and reach wave 100 on each map nightmare survival. RANKED i wish i had a million forum posts to show off. Granted, but nobody is impressed by it and just thinks you're a loser. And then you get forum banned for hacking. And then your computer gets hacked by an egotistical hacker because "you thought you were better than him". And then the government busts down your door and throws a flash grenade in your room. And it's a Counterstrike flash... So you're permanently affected... And etc...
  2. Granted bur its missing all the parts needed to run properly... I wish for 1 more wish! Granted, but you know that wish is just going to get corrupted, and then realize this one hasn't really been, so you feel like you wasted the one chance for an uncorrupted wish. Which in turn makes you wonder if this wish WAS corrupted, or maybe the next one will just be double corrupted to make up for it, and you try to decide what to do. You end up going crazy and get locked up in an asylum. I wish my brother would give me back the Steam information.
  3. Granted, now it's Salmon. I wish my new surround sound system was already here! Granted, where by "here" the wish fairy read your location as the forum server's location, and now Trendy has your sh**. I wish Diablo 2 wasn't downloading over the course of 16 estimated hours... (wtf?)
  4. (inappropriate language warning) This is why I can't take WCG tournaments seriously. I just see players all doing the same stuff I do, except WITHOUT this on their team.
  5. If an enemy is immune to a type of element, they also deal that element in damage. This includes DE Warriors. Just an FYI. Granted, not every class needs to care, such as Squires who just have 14k hp for no real reason.
  6. An epic poopy is a very scary thing.
  7. The argument to just Exhaust/CC any sort of damage-dealing character. This implies nobody in the game is overpowered, except possibly Olaf. But yes, "play smart" is a weak argument anyway, because the enemies can also play smart, and now we revert back to the simple facts that some characters are just mathematically and strategically better than others.
  8. I'd bet RNG. They can range from a high stat, to the negative of that high stat. Really, it's just like flipping a tails 7 outta 8 times. It happens.
  9. Lathy, I love you. This is now my iconic gort pet instead of the one in that other thread.
  10. I had an entire rant about this post ready to post when it occurred to me... did the OP mean literally 90% in each resist, or rounded to 90% (Like 87%). If we are talking about 87% across the board, that is easy to get. With UMF insane loot from 7.12B, getting 95^ weapons and 60^ armor was cake. Those of us that saw that loot didn't get much sleep that night. Having 87% in each resist and getting high hero stats isn't impossible either, and if you only choose to pick up armor that fits a certain set with high resists/hero stats, it could take a few weeks to get there. It is not impossibl
  11. And now you embark on the actual journey to sell the towers you're trying to sell.
  12. Flotsams are definitely top 5 worst pets. Unless that's bottom 5... I dunno...
  13. you're severely underestimating 7.12 UMF superloot if you think 90% in all 4 with 500 hero attack is pure hacked gear. a lot of that great armor started with either high resists (as in, all in the 14-18 range) in addition to high upgrades and decent/high hero attack. And I think you're underestimating the actual math on it. A piece of gear has a 2.5% chance - assuming gear could only drop between 14-18% resists, which is completely false no matter what level of gear it is - to have the 15/17% base in all 4 resistances. Now you have to get 3 more pieces. Now they have to be the one
  14. I just played a game on Poppy. We lost, and I was even feeding like crazy. But I was able to take out their Brand every time my ulti was up. He had 3k hp with all end-game gear. All I had was Sheen, Sorc Shoes, and Deathfire Grasp. Ulti. DFG. Charge. Devastating. He was dead, and could not be saved. I ran with Ghost Ignite. They had a Soraka with 400+ AP and he still went down to me.
  15. She's not over-powered, easily shutdown, if you don't try running at her stupidly. When she builds her Revovlers play smart, smart exhausts, smart ignites etc, make sure when you are fighting her to have a STUN. If you have a jungler which you should, make sure they keep akali in check, she is very easily shutdown. Weak argument. You can say that about absolutely any character. Except Olaf.
  16. They're like, raging hormonal apes who just HAVE to suspend/ban something at all times. They need to find a real job, because they clearly have too much time to **** around on a dead website while self-destructively pushing players away. I play in the Battledome a lot there. And by a lot, I mean rarely, because it's a dead website. But I try to a lot. Amongst those that I play against, I am undefeated. Today I lost my FIRST battle (I took a really bold move that I should not have :(). I congratulated the guy, after doing the "FUUUUUU" thing that I actually hate ever so much... So it only
  17. It may not be the most effective, but in an aura stack on UMF the goal is to reach the max number your app guardian can effect. So in that stack useful things would be, str drain, healing, electric, fire trap, proximity, ensnare, enrage, in order of value imo. That would require a guardian with over 60^ but if you can stack that much why not. I would include the ethereal trap but it is single target and quite useless in that regard. They cap at 5 towers boosted.
  18. Just curious, how are people getting 90% across all resists anyways? Do you just spend every upgrade into them? Everybody I see running these missions have 90% resists with 500 hero att and pretty much 200-300 everything else.I don't see how you can get both of those without upgrading stats as well :/. Yeah... They hack their items. Here's how it works. Resists can be anywhere from whatever negative amount, to 0%, to 18% base resistance. Every upgrade gets you +1% resist until you get to 14%. Then it goes up by 2% until some other threshold that I forget, and it goes up by 3% per u
  19. I prefer to have all resist high as possible. It never hurts. Get it?
  20. Woah level 70 in D2... Maybe if i had 16 DD toons. Not fully geared... I think I was in act 3 hell at 67 last time I played... the way I play it's 3 days to down baal, 5-6 more for NM baal, now here's where it slows down, 2-3 more for andy, 4-5 duriel, and maybe 4 more to mephisto. So 16-19 for my 67 so lets say 20 days in D2. But thats when I knew what I was doing and playing a touch more than I do in DD. So yeah, first time in D2 to 70 prolly = to 16 70's in DD or close. That's just how I play d2. Not trying to powerlevel just playing the game. Now I'm going to go google D3 info, thanks
  21. Well, Akali is overpowered. Ridiculous burst before even acquiring fed levels. Obnoxious stealth pool for protection, even gives 50 armor/MR in case of oracles. Ridiculous self-healing for added survival and longevity. Thank GOD she has no CC... But she is the best at her role of assassin-carry. This game does not need another one of her...
  22. What? Poppy has a built-in Ghost. She will be faster than you. And if you Flash/Ghost away from her, she did her job of taking you out of the fight anyway. Poppy reduces all damage by half if it would do 10+% of her hp. You burst/DPS her down? I... guess this leads me to my next question. Are you even level 30?
  23. Well I do agree, obviously, that the gameplay and excitement is not the same as it is first playing the game. But I don't think you can blame SUPERLOOT as much as you can simply gain loot in general, and having stats and level-ups. The game would PROBABLY be overall better if there was NO loot and NO levels - or, maybe I should say instead... no STATS. The pet concept could stay, and every class can keep/gain the variance of different weapon types that Huntresses currently have. But point being, the existence of stats will ALWAYS cause that "WoW end-game" atmosphere to any game.
  24. Estimated 2 hours left for downloading D2?
  25. I dont think I want to corrupt this one would be nice to save >_< but oh well you save and come back and there is 20 orges coming at once with 900m HP :) I wish Xbox had superloot :D Granted. . I wish PC players stopped complaining about superloot.
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