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  1. they are not, cant sel to shop or drop
  2. Msg aijemebag if you have one Thanks
  3. hi, could you invite GT: aijemebag
  4. Looking for a 27 upgrade high damage lava beetle on xbox Will pay GOOD Send me your stats to aijemebag or post here Thanks
  5. tylerjxon this guy uses mods to get giraffes, and has been trying to sell modded weapons in his tavern. I really enjoy this game and hate the fact people like this guy are introduce more mods that ruin it for everyone. on xbox
  6. Personally i enjoy assault a lot, and probably play it every time i get on DD. I think it would be awesome to have assault available on every map. It could be a game mode like survival and pure strategy. It is always fun to have the tables turn around in these type of games where "hordes" attack your defenses.
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