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  1. Wow, that is ALSO good to know. I've just been painstakingly manually collecting as much loot as I can. I don't trust that shifty eyed old man anyway.
  2. On a positive note, I did receive an Impaling Cutter about 5 minutes ago after completing Ramparts. So I guess it isn't all bad.
  3. Yea, it's really hurting the site. Most of their posts have been deleted but they still show in the "recent posts" section that I typically use to see what people are talking about.
  4. Quick disclaimer: I checked other forum posts to make sure that this has not been recently addressed but I found nothing related so here goes. After beating Nightmare 3 Throne Room, I opened a gold chest and received an Impaling Cutter: IPWR 565 (A weapon that I had wanted for AGES). I beat the map with my Apprentice so I couldn't equip it, so I ended and let the Scavenger do his job. When I returned to the tavern, I selected "obtain all" from the Scavenger and went to the forge to check it out but it wasn't there. I immediately hit the "share" button on my PS4 controller to review what ha
  5. For a pre-alpha it's actually pretty damn good. The money players are spending for early access funds TE so they can finish the game and make it F2P for everyone else. Just come back when it's completed and glorious. Their business model has worked pretty well for them in the past.
  6. If any of you guys are still looking for similar post that address these issues with like stale endgame, balance, and mixing up the meta.. here's a good read for you. Just scroll down to the official response in red. and here's some desert for ya..
  7. [[150367,users]]bNot at all dude. I'm just directing you guys to threads with WAY more traction.. Heck, I did a search of "multiplayer" yesterday just for sanity sake and immediately found a thread from over a year ago that addressed the exact same thing you guys are talking about with official responses. Trendy even address people who had this same problem with DD1 from 2011 and they didn't budge! DD2 is pretty much the same old "playable by a single player, but "more enjoyable" with friends" as its predecessors. My point is that this isn't NEW to trendy, it's redundant. And c'mon, rep
  8. Fact is, this is also a single player game that at no point emphasizes multiplayer as more than another OPTION to play. That's not really the point of DD. The whole point of this game is to play however the hell you want to. You know, it kind of comes with the turf. If you want to play with pleb (?) in your team, you should probably go play a MOBA. Jokes aside (and I'm only partially joking there) there are way more forum posts that discuss these exact issues that Trendy have already replied to. Just hit the search button and look up threads where Trendy has posted "official replies" a
  9. You guys DO know that they're still working on this game, right? I assure you, my friends, as someone who keeps up with the dev log frequently, that 90% of the stuff that you guys have mentioned have been addressed several times by both players and developers. More bosses, more stories, more passives, more heroes, more styles, more options, more content, more accessibility options, more inventory blah blah, more levels, more this, more that, more something something, more freaking more MORE MOAR! And the answer is always the same... Good suggestions tho.
  10. Discussion: So I was pondering today at what this game is lacking (other than everything prior to full release), and I thought specifically about game modes. So far we have campaign, incursion, onslaught, and end game. All of which bring about a fair amount of excitement and challenge. But where's the TENSION?! Recommendation: A mode where players are faced with a little more anxiety than the norm. A little more stress than just more enemies with more HP. I'm talking about a mode where instead of MORE enemies, you have LESS gems. The best part is that what I have in mind really shouldn't
  11. The point of this pre-alpha is to balance the game. So you can expect them to tweak the gear until they're satisfied that everything is balanced. All games that are in development go through this. You may want to wait until the game is finished and avoid early access if this is an issue.
  12. Typing this as I am currently sitting through one of these rounds. I totally agree. It's been 20 minutes of round 14 hordes. Seriously, what does this test other than my patience. If my defenses can take down 50 at a time, then why make me prove that I can take down 300/ PER LANE? This is tedious...
  13. Training dummy's are GREAT defense against diggers. Step 1) Identify which door(s) will have diggers Step 2) Position a dummy outside of the lane but close enough for diggers to react to it (since it's a blockade class) Step 3) Sell training dummy as SOON as the digger digs in Step 4) Give a middle finger to that digger, and build another one in preparation for the next one. Step 5) $$$
  14. Dude, hop on now. Take it from another casual who isn't anywhere near Nightmare 4 (the final "wall"). I play a few maps a day with buddies and we have a blast just because the game IS challenging. You can spend all day on Google mimicking successful builds (boring), or you can trial and error it while having a great time. Trendy has said numerous times that there will be NO MORE WIPES. So I can't imagine anything else holding you back. Unless you're completing monthly challenges in 2 days like some of these dudes who say it's a grind fest, you'll love it.
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