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  1. Of you still not there in a week or 2 I should be able to help you with NM3 stuff
  2. im a player who has maxed out on all current bags you can get in the game (even with the DLC) and find it a nuance that the pet food doesn't stack once its opened. I only keep the cake and higher pet food while using the fish on random pets that still need food exp. This means I still have the better stuff for when my pets I'm currently levelling up hit the next affection milestone . Ive found that way too many of my bags are full of single bits of pet food. Which has lead to some interesting situations. Id like to see some way of implementing a way for people to unlock a way of being able
  3. I do feel they need to get rid of dupes as it might lead to more people being willing to spend gems on opening the boxes. I know I would of opened a lot more of em if I knew ai wasn't going to get a duplicate item
  4. You'll have to wait till the trade feature is made for the game and just trade them with people. Its what Im doing with all my lock box dups
  5. Best bet is probable to try join up with people on here or something to that nature. I dare say people are going to be more likely to join and not flake out if you agree to the conditions on here before hand and say what you all have to bring to the table.
  6. One thing that really stands out in this update as strange is the damage increase to mobs. I dont think as many people would of hated this update in terms of refarmi g if ot wasn't for that. As it is now its much harder to get themselves back to a place they were at and had spent alot of tine getting there. On a side note do you reckon the mob buff was due to the last influence vote which was make normal harder. I always took that as normal difficulty but it might of meant the game as a whole. I hadn't started the game when that was going on so I don't know if more information was kicking a
  7. I have to agree with Styleemtk on this, as Ive been messing around with Onslaught mode recently I've found a lot of people don't realise how ineffective things are. They didn't event realise you could check towers stats out with E (What is the button command for stat viewing on the PS4). As long as they are wanting to learn about the game its fine but you always get ones that just want to use their tower because its theirs. I tend to leave those types of people to have their lane and have to bail them out later. I think you see a lot of poison dart towers as well as they look impressive when
  8. Im looking for some help on the Spooky Halloween map Temple of the Necrotic unlocking the secret as it is quite hard to pull off with random people as you always get one or 2 who have little to no attention span to pull it off. What you have to do is have each player stand on each of the corners/columns of the Shrine in the SE corner of the map before starting Wave 6 and it should spawn a Skeleton version of each Hero. Im trying to get the last couple of Challenges completed for the Spooky 2015 event before it goes away. The main one Im looking to complete is killing the Skeleton Squire. I
  9. Which size did you go for? I was thinking of getting one but found the customising to be a tad limiting considering how much gear is in the game. I would of love to see all the early access head gear in the option as they are missing the squire =/
  10. I just got a legendary bow drop off killing some of the skeleton versions of the hero. i was trying to kill the squire but someone else got the kill on him sadly. I was using a huntress when I got the pumpkin bow so dont know if that was down to RNG or because I was using her If you are looking for someone to summon the undead heroes with I will more than gladly help you.
  11. Thats the reason i was asking as it was bugging me. I thought I had already done the squire challenge but my account had been a tad glitchy with my challenges and titles at the time. I did what the challege thing pop up saying I had gotten it but when i went back later it wasnt there. Which sucks. Oh well I'll still try and get the legendary weapons if that is doable still.
  12. Is it possible to still complete the spooky 2015 event's challenges that involve the trick or treat chests and the one for getting the legendary items. when the event was going on I had only started playing the game and wasn't tough enough to take on the challenges realistically so I didn't try too hard. Now Im more than in a place to do them but I still need to kill a Skeleton Squire and get one of each legendary item. I hope it is possible still but from playing a few levels it doesn't seem to be.
  13. Maybe once the game gets out of alpha and they are fleshing out the world a little more you will see them but for now we will have the limited selection and enemies
  14. Thanks for the info [[81114,users]] and sorry for writing so much. I've got a DPSer waiting in the ranks to be levelled up for when I need her but shall be putting aside gear for her as I'm looking for the others. I didn't know Nightmare gave you so much in item sales. At least I know the Gold is going to be scaling up as I play. Its also good to know the higher powered gear is more worth while enchanting as it gives you decent stat increases for doing it.
  15. As I've got 4 Builder Heroes to Lv50 and started to gear up for breaking into the (Solo) Nightmare Difficulties of the game. It got me thinking how much gold I'm going to need to need to do it. I've spent a fortune so far getting spheres with a ton still to go and with the challenges been beaten at a quicker rate than I would of thought it means I will be running out of quick gold injections. It led me to searching the forums for the best means to do it. There have been some useful post here but not one that has majority of the info in one place. I also noticed how people who were talking a
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