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  1. The beauty of these public beta periods is that they give us an opportunity to try things out. The CDT has made a particularly controversial change. Try it out. If at the end of the day the community doesn't like the change (bug fix or not) then it won't make it into the live game. That's the beauty of the system. It's totally not a zero sum game.
  2. Candy trap was pretty funny. Wonder if anyone fell for it? I don't wanna talk about it...
  3. Wait i thought there were no CD weps on consoles! What we have on our svn and what we can include in released content are two different things. The arrays we store on each svn locally are larger, thus crystalline weapons. the quality ratio should be the same on other difficulties, as in you get a item at the higher of what COULD drop on any given difficulty, about that often. I can verify aquanos for you guys sometime after january 3rd when I get back. As for now, I'm wrapping up all my work for the year today. Alas, that means I won't have time to test for you guys. If I do have any time t
  4. Just got back from eatin' ribs with HMC and Steve aka Genesic-Bacon. Ran our little test on xbox, and got the same results (more or less) ratio was 1:230, 1 in 13 was an item that was over 200^. Best item was actually better than the ps3 one, as you can see. http://imgur.com/BWjz2 As far as Jake's question of what engineer it was, it was Geoff. Honestly our programmers/engineers really don't get much opprotunity to check the forums. So if you need anything it's best to put it through Hitmochan who in cases like this will ask me or one of the guys in my department to hook you up. Also in
  5. ok guys so I started running the test the way I said I would and it was the most mind numbing tedious time consuming task imaginable. SO I poked an engineer, he worked some scientific nonsense in kismet for me, and modified my local version of moraggo to instantly reward me 50 of each weapon reward for killing the genie king on insane+. I reloaded the map (clearing my inventory each time) around 25 times. THE ABSOLUTE BEST ITEM FOR NUMBER OF UPGRADES WAS THIS ONE: http://imgur.com/3imHz and an item with more than 180 upgrades dropped with about a 1:126 ratio. of these about 1 in 10 had
  6. What wiltodd said no one checks the equipment dropped by mobs everything we use is from boss rewards, challenges or item boxes thats why I wanted to know what the max upgrades available on weapons awarded by beating the genie king are or at least what the cap is on weapon upgrades what can we expect not to see is 300 upgrades even possible? gotcha. I had made the assumption that loot distribution was handled on the consoles in the same generalized way that it's handled on pc/mac platforms. I don't have access to the formulas that are used to randomly generate equipment. All I can do is spaw
  7. Have you ever considered making the ranged projectiles for lag weapons (like seahorse) have 1 projectile an d just have damage scale times 6 instead of actually having 6 projectiles this might help with weapon lag (also maybe just give the weapons like the lemurian have normal projectiles not these crazy lightning projectiles (that might help with lag to) ps when i say lag i mean FPS lag Hope one of these things works I'm gonna assume you mean a monk or app equivalent of something like the huntress's disc thrower, or bone bows. where you get a good pay off in damage per second on a sin
  8. unfortunately I'd be gathering information regarding late wave survival farming, similar to how you would. However with a few console commands I may be able to speed up the process a small bit. I'll try starting moraggo on the 3rd to last wave and give it 2 runs checking out the items. Should have time wednesday or thursday. I'll post the top 3 dropped items in this thread (probably just screenshots to make it easy on you guys)
  9. Good news! I had the ps3svn put on my computer over the weekend, and came in a bit early today to knock this test out so that I'd not forget prior to my vacation. :) Had to do a bit digging because the system is not even remotely straight forward and the console commands are different from what I'm used to handling on pc. What I found actually made me go back to the xbox to make sure that it was the same there. After 750+ rolls (using multipliers for above average weapons) on the ps3 svn I found a tendency towards 70-80ish ups on most aquanos and sky city items. In fringe cases (about 1 in
  10. UPDATE: With my upcoming schedule for next week being pretty busy trying to wrap things up before a well needed vacation, I'll probably not be able to get to the psn test until wednesday or thursday evening. Just wanted to make sure you guys weren't constantly refreshing this thread over the weekend. :)
  11. Theres a difference when it comes to dlc there have been several posts on the forums made by xbox players wondering when they will be able to get 200+ upgrade weapons like on the ps3 not sure if the last patch fixed it but I think on moraggo ps3 players get higher upgrades and on aquanos xbox gets higher upgrades if you ever get some free time please let us know what you find out on the ps3 most of the console forumers play on ps3 If I get a bit of time in the upcoming week I'll leave with the ps3svn downloading on my machine overnight, and run the same test for you.
  12. Skott, can you simplify any of that, as that doesn't tell us anything that we don't already know. Any chance you can determine the multiplier? Thanks! there are at least 3 variables that are exposed to me in architypes (editable values that I can determine drop quality) and there are likely more values that apply that are not editable by me, that are procedural. It's literally like throwing a dart at a board 100 iles away blindfolded. If it were something that could have been easily picked up, the people using the dddk would have reverse engineered it a long time ago, or HMC would have t
  13. Really sorry didn't have time to download both SVN's onto this machine. I'm not sure how different the numbers are between the two platforms.
  14. Hey everyone! Really sorry it took me so long to follow up with Josh's request to make a post here. So this morning I loaded up the XboxSVN and did a quick randomization test to check what the loot thresholds are on console items. I generated around 500 drops of the weapons that were requested in this thread and found that the vast majority of the high end drops were in the low 70's to low 80's. Only twice in the 500 drops did any of the weapons go above this threshold. Going to weigh in on why it's so hard to get a direct cap to you. The way the items in our maps are generated is a bit am
  15. Of course scotts favorite game is final fantasy 6. Everyone loves Vivi I died a little inside when I read this... Vivi was from FF9 not 6. Confession: I have never played Final Fantasy 6. In fact, the only Final Fantasy game I've played is FF3 on the DS. This NEEDS to be fixed Josh... completely unacceptable.
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