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  1. Currently the only damage you can do in NM4 after all towers are placed is on a dps Huntress, where you just sit there shooting the lane that needs the most support. They are currently able to fight Ogres in NM4 without any care or worry about being hit by anything or triggering the jump. Squire's could do something before you absolutely ruined the Narwhagon pet, which was still only doing around what a NM4 Huntress can do anyway and there is still more risk when playing the Squire. The end result of all your nerfing and persistence with keeping the move forward while attacking is that melee i
  2. You're obviously just getting good luck with the Purge Evil. I've only ever seen one Purge Evil drop and that was in a nm1 game so it was useless. I've played 100 hours since and not found another. I've had 2 Chilling Touch's drop. As for Hearty Blockade, sometimes I have a game that has 8 shields with 5% on them but I only need 1 and other games I literally get none. As of now I haven't found a helmet or chest with HB so I just went with Hero and Defense Health.
  3. The Monthy pet's ability is pretty much useless on the lower difficulties. NM3, NM4 and to a lesser extent NM2 allows your healthy Squire to just block a wave and reflect tons of damage back at enemies. On NM3 when an ogre jumps and I block it, I take around 2-2.5k and he seems to take 150-200k damage. I haven't kept track very well but you notice a giant missing chunk of health on an ogre after he hits you. xD
  4. I know your feels. I have been looking for a NM3 Purge Evil for a week. I have done around 50 NM3 runs and I have had 0 drop and what's even more silly is about 50% of the gear has ability power and hero crit.
  5. Steel Bar (Jet fuel can melt these)
  6. All of us that played the original DD remember Monk ended up shooting a lot more than one projectile, just like all other classes with a ranged primary or secondary attack. Currently in DD2 only the Apprentice and Huntress get the projectile attacks per second and projectiles per attack. While the Squire gets his ability to mitigate damage by blocking. What does the Monk have that makes up for his loss of dps, survivability and overall usefulness? Absolutely nothing. His knock up and knock back together cannot hold enemies back as long as the Apprentice's tornado. Once all the enemies have t
  7. When will Monk actually be par with the other classes and not just for Purge Evil or one Sky Guard Tower that could easily be replaced by a Flameburst Tower that has the same, if not more damage due to passives, costs 10 less and also hits ground enemies. Currently the Monk doesn't get more or different projectiles and his melee attacks can not be used as freely as the Squire's due to also having no way to mitigate damage like the shield. You label him a support but the Huntress and the Apprentice both support and dps better than the Monk.
  8. Yeah, that'll be a good patch to see. Then I'll be able to play at normal hours. xD
  9. Glad some people are having more luck than I. 100 hours of playing and I have made more progress in gear and NM level then I have with finding a Purge Evil polearm.
  10. I have a $3600 pc. I literally have no fps problems even after alt tabbing and I have every setting on the highest. I am capping mine at 120 though. But I understand that an unfinished game is bound to have some optimization issues. Before I built this computer I had a 7 year old $1000 laptop that didn't even get 5fps on low on the title screen.
  11. Very sorry to say it's nothing to do with my internet. xD I get 25 ping on the pingtest with 0 jitter. This is entirely a server side problem and I have already found that it happens during high traffic times.
  12. Hello people, In-Game Name: Amadeus Favourite Hero: Monk (Although I use Huntress the most because Monk can't do much as of now) Other Games: Diablo 3 and just about any random game I feel like playing from my steam library.
  13. I have to choose specific days or hours to play to avoid the rubberbanding. Which I can deal with on a lesser extent, but it's at the point where I press left for less than a second and then teleport 20 feet left, 10 feet right and then 5 feet left. Accurately placing towers is out of the question, scaling terrain is also impossible and on some occasions it makes me upgrade the wrong tower. It needs to be fixed. It's unplayable on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the day and only comes around at about 8-10pm.
  14. That's true, it does do alright. But currently having less damage than Traps and more cost.. Well at least it's possible. I agree to pretty much all you've said there. Especially about grounded enemies pretty much making all Monk abilities useless. They really need it. Might as well sacrifice the Lightning Aura for it. Yeah, I understand that very well. The trouble is coming up with a way of implementing it without it just being too overpowered for the game. Maybe 0.3% would be enough. I mean you have about 60-70 enemies in each lane per wave so that's umm 18-21%. Unless it's the Onslaught
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