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  1. the tower stats at all levels depend on whichever toon built it.
  2. Put them on Skills or Tower Stats. I agree though, they should increase the cap considering that they increased the difficulty since the SW update.
  3. If one has somehow lost the ability to zoom in/out, any ideas on how one might recover it? I can still sweep sideways, but for some reason, the up/down for zoom no longer works and makes it pretty unplayable. Does force deleting the cache delete characters? I believe disabling Chase Camera will do the trick.
  4. http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Rewards Best weapons IMO Huntress - Valor's Squire - Blazemourn Apprentice - iGameshot Monk - no idea :p I only use them for their auras so something with a good tower stat maybe
  5. If you're asking about the Mobile version, then No. The reward for beating Raining Goblins for mobile is a Monk weapon, regardless of class you use. The best weapon for huntress in the mobile version is the Valor's (reward for beating Ramparts) IMO.
  6. I updated to iOS 5 on my Touch 4g yesterday and I can confirm that I'm not having any problem with it. Seems even faster now than before the upgrade.
  7. HoD is a good farming map for me. I use Traps, Auras, and Towers for it. I can only get as far as wave 6 medium and I'm gaining about 1.5m mana per run.
  8. the wiki says "Gain 30% experience needed to reach the next level"
  9. because it would be boring if you just place all your defenses on the first round and upgrade them all to hell. you can only use your banked mana on upgrades and purchases on the shop.
  10. I updated to SW on my Touch yesterday and somehow I feel like everything is harder than before. I used to do Solo hard Ramparts and my defenses will barely have any scratch. After updating, my *** got kicked on the 8th round. Used to do Solo Insane Monster Fest with hardly any problem and now couldn't even finish it on Hard. It could be that I'm still getting used to the new controls or that I'm still using my Level 60 set, but is anyone else feeling the same as I do? How do you deal with it? And yes, I'm a pure solo player. Don't have the proper connection to do online play.
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