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  1. DD2 will be "slowed down" aka dying. Me among many many players who have spent thousands of hours playing the game and spent money on it are feeling pissed off about it. Focus on DD2 damn it.
  2. im clearing mobs easily on nm4 inc due to archer explosion and purge. anyway having an all archer build is quite troublesome on gates but doable. those pesky flying kobolds are very annoying.
  3. if this is Trendy's way of pacifying players who are whining or salty for not having dracolich, making dracolich May's monthly pet is not the answer. what about new players that join the game after May 2016? the same whining and complaining will be repeated by the new players. i believe monthly pets should be exclusive and somewhat like rewards to players who have played the game earlier and longer.Trendy should make a new pet which is similiar but definitely not exactly the same as draco.i'm disappointed with Trendy for creating a so called band aid instead of a real solution in shutting up the whiners and complainers.
  4. i totally support vrede's idea. can't wait for quab pet. pls let it have an awesome ability too.
  5. I'm living in singapore & i had no issues when the Asia Server was located here but ever since the server was shifted to sydney, i have been experiencing lag to the point where my character was teleporting. Even when my character was just standing doing nothing, i would teleport.I have 2 computers at home & both having this issue.I would like to ask the developers to revert the server back to singapore.thank you.
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