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  1. Like wise here searching for session then black screen and infinite loading
  2. I didn't think about this before, and with all the items I get I figured I just counted wrong, I was not aware this was a thing or an issue, Thanks for posting this and Ill make sure to pass this around until Trendy can fix it.
  3. ^This and it took over a week to fix the issues and the monk aura is still crazy.
  4. awesome I hope the bell rings.
  5. Wipe. I would also like to ask the same of the one under.
  6. Uhmmmm Yes please, this is awesome and would add so much more to the game.
  7. Most of this will be mute once tower speed is removed though, I do wonder how much that will affect the game, I am waiting and watching.
  8. I have to say after running some things with out traps and using the ice towers it was alright but still with out speed I am not sure where this game will go and this causes an unwillingness to play on a normal basis, this is not one headache I want to be apart of, talking to others and thinking it over myself just don't think this is going to end well..so gonna sit back and watch how things play out with out putting to much time in to it. This change greatly worries myself and a few others I talk to, these "special stats" that they plan to add better be one hell of a boost, also it would be
  9. You have my vote! This is like an idea I was talking with one of the devs about way back when there was only 1 map in the game :P won't go into details but hope this or something like this is implemented
  10. They said in the stream they have it set up at Best Buy I believe it was.
  11. Polishing your build as needed and adapting to the circumstances, by towers taking damage you can see where your build needs work and try to change it or figure a way around it, this helps with learning the over all game and helps builders better themselfs.
  12. Agreed. Training Dummy needs a lot of loving right now! Hmmm, what to do with all this blood and violence. Maybe the hooks could have similar properties like the Grim Reaper's Scythe - upon hooking mobs, sucks the living souls out of them and if they don't break free, then eventually they get vaporized. Probably still violent, but no blood :) Also might be something for a Halloween Theme. Can see the Halloween thing, But I would be happy to work with you on playing with new concepts for the Training Dummy if you're cool with it add me on steam @Dreaguh and we can talk We have such sigh
  13. I herd they say they were gonna rework crits for heroes...did they say anything about towers being able to crit?
  14. And done, someone from my list joined with out knowing about the post and Gd up so sorry for the short wait, Ill be here again tomorrow to do it again
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