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  1. DANG! I was hoping for a little direction, but Mea Culpa CRUSHED it. Thanks so much. That's exactly what I was looking for. Turns out I've got 3 level 50's already and completed the campaign so we'll see how expeditions go. Thanks again! You ROCK!
  2. So I haven't been able play for 3 years due to moving and not being able to hook up my gaming computer. I got it back up and running but I see that a LOT has changed. I've been trying to catch myself up on what's all new, what I need to do to be caught back up and anything else I should know but I'm struggling from information overload. I lost all of my skill spheres and I think my armor is outdated with the current setups. Anyone out there want to share any highlights, tips or metas that could help out with getting my characters current again so I don't have to spin my wheels too much at lowe
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