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  1. Necromancer This character concept is one that focus on building defenses out of fallen enemies…Most of it’s defense grow stronger as enemies die near them such as the Tombstone gaining health, the Soul Lantern gaining damage, and the Reanimation Circle gaining bodies from enemies dying in the area. The Necromancer’s abilities are focused on moving and keeping enemies in the proper “burial” sites. Necromancers' defenses need a little help to get their initial kills but once they get going their defenses can sustain themselves very well, and the more enemies, the more deaths, the more POWER.
  2. I think the triple threat would make more sense if it pushed quab backwards if used when not planted...
  3. I am currently trying the ps4 version of the game, and i have noticed a distinct limitation to coop in the communication system. I have found that no one uses the in game voice over option and we are left with just pinging furiously to get other players attention with no way to convey what the pings are for. I think this could be improved in a couple of ways: display pings on the minimap so that the other players do not have to look around to find where the sound is coming from... give us more types of ping such as: build here sell this defend here and each ping could have a different icon t
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