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  1. Squire Training dummy has chance to deal magical damage
  2. I miss my split projectiles And knockback attack :(
  3. The loot is sold for too cheap in the first place If mythical weapons are rarer than regular weapons, surely they are worth much more Selling all my loot only to get 2k afterwards is frustrating
  4. On harder levels where enemies cant be walked over Ive found that knockback is practically non existent unless using skills For example the apprentice used to have a knockback attack as a secondary attack in DD1 Id like for it to be easier to knock hordes of enemies back Instead of poking at them as they surround the crystal carts
  5. Missing my split projectiles and shockwave attacks on the apprentice Need it more than that super slowed charge attack MORE KNOCKBACK PLEASE
  6. I have the same problem too Also a menu screen without having to go to a forge would be nice
  7. When I need to use the defenders forge it takes up the whole screen which is really inconvenient
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