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  1. Are you guys gonna release a performance patch anytime soon? After the update its just boring and unfun to try and play a game. Its just too much lag and framdrop issuse. It was bad befor, but after this patch when i tried throneroom, the lag/ framedrop is just too much for me. I was running SA monk,huntress with geyser.
  2. Omg finaly its here! So pumped for next week!! Good job trendy!:)
  3. Lol was going for squire today when a 15% shield dropped for me:) but damn that elusive chest piece!
  4. Can somebody screenshot a chest piece with jackpot passive on, after the lates patch? Iv been playing ALOT since the carnival update and i havent recived 1 chest piece with jackpot on, starting to belive they are extinct:P
  5. Throne room onslaught, just restart till u get horde wave. 5 traps u can use:)
  6. I'm not sure but from previous posts thats what it seems like; 50%, 100%, and then finally 150% increased damage Aha i see:) thanks for taking you time to answere!:)
  7. So does the ability get stronger each time you evolve him?
  8. Hey guys! My team! Waller : 310k Trapper: 3800dp /30crit% Frosty : 3900dp- 48%FF Dpshuntress : around 20k /40%crit Serenity monk : 3700dp /purge /28crit% Cannonboy : almost 4kdp /30crit% Atm im looking for players to run harbringer NM4 for the weapons. I dont mind running something els, maybe carry sombody:) So if somebody is keen on farming harbringer NM4, or something els add me on psn. PSN: Th3shold Its a good chance if u add me and i appear offline, that im actually online(using the show offline feature) Write something about dd2 when/if u send a friend request
  9. So many players have cried over how OP he is. Iv read a decent amount of post regarding him and its stated that this is the pet to have for a dps huntress. So when i heard we are getting him i was really keen on obtaining him and witness whats the deal with him. After iv completed the monthly and finaly got him and his comrades i must say im not too impressed with him. His only at 25/25 tho. Can somebody explain to me why he is considering OP, and what does his active really do?
  10. Can we get some info when it hits? Just want the goddamn monthly quest! Some response would be nice.
  11. Well i dont have any skins so either way wont work for me. Blah just want my uber.
  12. Dont wonna sound like a broken record but how are we going to get betsy egg when token shop is broken?:P
  13. Yep, when i manage to select uber of chose im getting that same message:/ Happend when i tried to get some pet food too.
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