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  1. Yeah its all true ,for now i stop to play the game , 60 % of players is afk all the time . The game drop to many legendary stuff , and the enemies shoudl have more HP . DD2 should be more challenging, the only thing that good for now are maps from dd1
  2. they should release Nightmare 5 or improve enemies on NM4, now the game is to easy with abyss lord
  3. [[4370,users]] can you tell me which maps from dd1 are returning to dd2 for this moment?
  4. Timmy ,Dragonfall Carnival and Harbinger will come in the same time? in one patch?
  5. Hello @I PASS BUTTER in the next update will be another downgrade of our IPRW weapons?
  6. new maps are not working :(only dragonfall its ok for the moment
  7. For this moment we are 3 patches behind the pc version?
  8. Hello Trendy When we can expect the newp map The Dead Road? It will be in next update?
  9. Hello Someone can tell me how to unlock campaign on hard mode?I finished campaign on normal. I can play hard mode free play but campain is locked.
  10. Trendy said that will be soon a wipe and then nothing , Timmy is always saying "news soon " and 0 info. DD2 for ps4 its like DD1 for ps3, no support , and i doubt if we will have ever the same content and events. Christmas content and events on april may? its not funny... I know that sony must verified new content , but look for example others game , where pc update and ps4 update its almost the same time.
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