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  1. Am I missing something here, first day logged in after power up patch. New wartable sucks but that aside how do you play NM4, game just keeps telling me under ipwr. Is there someway to truly get 1000 ipwr to be able to enter NM4, no clue what I'm missing here.
  2. So biggest bug right now seems to be the scavenger, your inventory and the scavenger are shared which is why this double selling is happening. Everything on the scavenger is in your inventory aswell. You can press square at the scavenger to stop the double sell, but everything he had is still in your inventory aswell so you still have to clean inventory after every match.
  3. We will get updated when PC gets Abyss Lord, was stated in the Dev Stream, So minimum a month likely further. Not sure why we cant get the update before that so we can actually play the carnival rather than rushing Abyss Lords.
  4. Wireless or wired? When I move my modem down and hardwire the PS4 this problem stops, when I'm on my WIFI it happens often. Now I am aware this is a combination of PS4's crap WIFI card and my router's poor WIFI but yet every other game on PS4 I run wirelessly has no issue. So there may be some communication hiccups with trendy servers on lesser WIFI systems?
  5. Yes I have reverted back my version, the collectors edition upgrade is not even in the PS store anymore for me to find atleast. But as of right now the upgrade isnt being applied. I upgraded to collectors yesterday after the Ascension patch have being live for several hours, not sure if that has something to do with it or not. But no extra character slots, all 8000 gems are not there, title not there.
  6. I would like to know this aswell, have recently uninstalled and reinstalled to Loot & Survive upate only to try and complete my monthly. Now this revert in patches monthly is not available. We are maybe looking at update tonight or tomorrow, with hopes I can get this monthly done. I really dont want to see the monthly get dragged out and mess up the next monthly but also dont want to lose out on another monthly. Rough spot.
  7. Just logged in after reinstall and everything is as it was before the Ascension update, however my collectors upgrade was not applied. But I did purchase the upgrade after logging into Ascension update, so since this is a previous version I'm hoping I am just out of luck until the newest update. I should clarify that not all passives were gone from existing legendaries only the Frosty Power and Hearty Blockade passives were. This was going into the Ascension patch, not returning to the reverted Loot & Survive. So basically I lost passives on all gear except primary weapons in the Ascens
  8. I might have been a minority in this, but all my Frosty Power and Hearty Blockades were removed completely, Last I played my walls were near 400k, logged into ascension to 26k walls. Apprentice weapon held everything fine, but all his armor and accessory passives were gone. Only passive my Squire had left was a beefy harpoon sword which held passives just fine.
  9. Likely the new update will be a different update from what was previously downloaded bringing up conflicting versions. I thought the same thing, but figured rather than waiting and likely getting screwed I just reinstalled. I could be wrong but I atleast forsee conflicting update versions if you dont reinstall.
  10. Understand that aswell, but it does only take less than a minute to put up a quick post just to keep everyone in the loop, Keeping in touch with players makes players happy, and its not like anyone is asking for hours of a Trendy employees time just for a quick forum update.
  11. Agreed would be nice to know if we should give up for the night or hold out, understanding its a problem being worked on. Just a heads up one way or the other would be great.
  12. Reading this wall of nonsense really hurt, but lets try to make some sort of sense of it. All the content they stated is there, not sure how you missed it unless you dont really play and just sit in tavern all day. The reason they took down the servers is because 1 map was playable after the update today all others would crash client, there was random crashes occasionally after wipeageddon but you could play any map you wanted 99% of the time without issue.
  13. - Item windows need to be increased greatly in font and likely size - Skill sphere page, you cannot actually read what all your spheres do without checking them - Game window still doesnt fit Tv screen - Auto collect is very hit and miss in endgame it seems you have to pickup or get at end of map, in freeplay it seems when readying every wave picks up loot. To this there is still no way to mass sell, maybe a button to sell any non locked items? - The removal of passives during ipwr scale down was very abrupt, not really a bug but letting everyone play a new patch and just plain removing heart
  14. The text on items is horrible, I shouldnt have to get within 2 feet of my Tv to read stats on an item. How does something like that get passed over.
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