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  1. i think this is really an issue that needs to be addressed as this is supposed to be a tower defense game yet using towers is the worst strategy in high levels
  2. sorry this thread was from yesterday, i was just replying to the morons that scoff at easy and i ended up getting a 70^ giraffe with 25 base stats from it. next time i will be plugging in 3 xbox controllers and taking all 4 to sell since people will buy giraffes but not a run to get them? whatever
  3. Leave him alone, Drizz may not know prices, but hes not writting what his saying in a kaniving or mean way so just lay off. i guess clearly you cant read into tones on the internet. i mean could his comment be more condescending? he even edited it afterward to add in the "balls of steel" comment as if i was so out of line to sell a spot in an easy run. really i dont care i got what i wanted out of it which is a great giraffe and im just trying to inform the ignorant masses that think difficulty has anything to do with the giraffe you get
  4. why are you guys DCing are you sure its just DD and not your net? yesterday i did survival mode solo to get a giraffe and i was playing throughout the day and on early levels afking doing housework. I was probably connected to the game for 12 hours before i finally finished it.
  5. 37/37 Tracker 2623 dmg - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981907183/screenshot/631857853214420805 46^ bone bow with high base dmg - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981907183/screenshot/631857853214462881 42^ bone bow good base dmg , big clip & reload - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981907183/screenshot/631857853214491612 need mana & a decent fairy [email]drullo@gmail.com[/email] on steam
  6. well u should do it then cause the giraffe is still great. its kinda funny i see u offering all this stuff on a 78^ giraffe in the other thread, meanwhile mine has only 8 less ups and better base stats. and i got it while mostly afking on easy
  7. yeah just so u morons that laugh at easy know, this is the giraffe i got, its not for trade http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981907183/screenshot/631857853207072423 70 ups with great stats
  8. sorry, email is [email]drullo@gmail.com[/email] btw this is EASY survival which still yields very high up giraffes but it will not be 70+
  9. you can join my game and afk and get a giraffe i am looking for good armors 40^+ with tower attack / tower stats really good hunt weaps 45-50+ ups with good clip size & reload. crystal tracker, VW, bone bow a 45^+ fairy with good stats or i will take mana but it has to be invested in items to sell as im near max. make offers or add me on steam to chat - Drizz
  10. its just really a pain, like why this random amount of 50M being the cap? players are still amassing and acummulating wealth whether its upgrading weapons they dont even plan on using or stockpiling giraffes we need the cap removed and more item pages imo
  11. i dont really know why anyone likes PS, you build everything and then just watch?? seems boring
  12. what do people do with this horribly low cap, is there a certain weapon type that upgrades keep a 90% ratio if you sellback? i dont like the idea of keeping mana value in items that you could sell because they could become worthless once new items come out
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