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  1. Alright, thanks for all the responses. I guess we'll just put this game aside and wait for DD2 to come out for Mac :(
  2. Hi guys, is there a way to revert back to 7.5 on my Windows machine in order to play with a Mac? I appreciate that such an old game is still receiving attention and new content, but not being able to play with my girlfriend who is on a Mac completely breaks it for me. Is there a way to undo the update without torrenting an old build? And if I do torrent an old build, will I be able to use my Steam login to connect to TrendyNet without being forced to download the update? I realize that you guys are creating updates well beyond the reasonable support lifespan, and that's awesome. But for those of us who play PC to Mac, this is akin to saying "well we decided you can't play this game you bought years ago anymore". Could you please make these updates optional unless they work for all platforms? edit: I apologize if this thread better fits in "Players helping Players", but I put it here since it is directly related to (and to some degree feedback for) the community development that's going on.
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