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  1. I agree with this. Having to use only frosty, trap and aura to really get anywhere is really boring. Orcs must die was fun because of the traps. Flinging an orc off the edge of a cliff never got old. At the moment the game seems very much geared to DPS.
  2. Some one has reported other wise. Guess we shall see :) The frosties should be fixed now with the Hotfix :)
  3. Lot of good replies and no arguing. This is what a community is meant to be about :) I personally stopped playing as soon as I heard about the loot changes because I knew all the grinding would be for nothing. Tried playing last night but I was having shocking lag. Seems alright to me so far though besides broken frosties.
  4. So many whinge posts on here and on Steam. It's ridiculous. It's like people think this is a life or death competition or something. This game is about having fun with friends. Not to be uber cool soloer check out my DPS bro. Yes the patch has altered gear. Big deal. It means you get to have fun getting gear again. Yes it's a pain in the ass having put hundreds or thousands of hours getting gear etc. but the game is still in Alpha and the devs are still learning what works or doesn't work. Yes Alpha shouldn't be used as a scape goat for everything annoying or stupid that comes about but peo
  5. It's an Alpha not a finished game. It comes with the territory that some big changes could happen.
  6. Yeah short lanes are pretty annoying. Lot of them though. I tend to just go overboard with defenses for those lanes though and with the loss of DU I solo the other longer lanes......well attempt to. On the harder levels it's pretty tricky.
  7. I switched to my Squire from my Huntress and the Squire had a big heaving chest....was....interesting.
  8. Yep that would be awesome. Make it more expensive then regular towers to keep the spam down. Elemental chaos uber for it so effect would be random. Or heck make it fling enemies backwards. Now that would be funny.
  9. Sub objectives are easy as. 2nd map on Campaign easy. Repetitive sure but still attainable.
  10. Well I was going to suggest Evil Extinguisher but then I pictured a Monk running around with a fire extinguisher. What about Evil Expunginator?
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