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  1. but i mean... how can ppl like juicebags for example have so many guilded rate , destruction and range shards then? i got 1 guilded rate shard and thats cause i already had 5 shards before this whole protean thing started^^ that must be like 30k hours of farming or an content partner bonus:S
  2. y i did of course but i think he found out about THOTmaria...:S
  3. i spend 15k medals for T4 shardpacks without getting a single defense rate shard. before the last patch i got 1 every 3-4k and now 80-90% are blue shards which gives this poor chance on a def.rate i think. is there i trick to manipulate the droprate from green and blue shards now? this + the lags atm and that u have to farm the mats in lower tiers really kills my motivation for this game:( something like chaos8 difficulty where you can choose which mats u wanna go for and a shard of your choice for 100dust would be a nice ad for next patch in my opinion!;)
  4. i have the same problem. PC/Austria [[166314,users]] pls talk to the responsible guys from Trendy!! Cause problems like this one, pathfinding/spawn, and so on exists since the game exists and are never getting fixed but pushed aside until they appear again it feels .
  5. y same here, mod-drops are like on protean patch day again:S
  6. for me it happens every time when i ve another game called "Black Desert" running which uses XIGNCODE3. and idk how to upload the log file here:S so if needed, pls tell me quickly how it works!
  7. malle i had the same problem but today the rubberbanding was gone therefore, i couldnt create a expedition battle and 80% ppl in town had a heroscore of exactly 1. LAWLTA PC/Austria (think malle is from germany)
  8. Does anyone know if they have increased the amount of inventory bags you can have? cause it doesnt show me that i ve the max. amount anymore🤔
  9. i would like them removed if they make other mobs more challenging instead. when you can play every phase afk to the point where its getting very stressfull cause assassins and bosses are allways spawning at the same time, its not very fun.
  10. the dragolich is 60/60 , the sword is heavy 5/10 with hero health and both stats are on max. the shoes are with hero dmg 9/10 and both stats are on max. pm me offer pls, thx!
  11. i ve a blue dragolich 60/60 i would sell!! pm me a offer or post it here pls
  12. had the same issue and again for me worked to check the files on failures via steam. rightclick the game, go to properties and then to local files
  13. y this is happening for years already^^ i dont get why mobs actually have to run trough the spawn zone. why not letting them appear like its a portal directly at the line? then mobs dying behind the spawn or are invulnerable few sec after the crossed the line also wouldnt be a thing anymore
  14. dang it i need the shard with attack rate:S thx for the info 024noi i ll go for c6 then. i wish they would stop to force high end players to play lower difficultys or atleast let player open the inventory during combat phase
  15. can anyone tell me what the dropchance for mats like ingot is? i ve played several spooky maps c4 now and didnt got a single ingot. and before someone asks, y i m playing the right mode^^
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