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  1. Mac, where would you suggest trying to farm for the 90 and up armors? Anywhere outside of umf?
  2. Ihatefacebook how in the world do you do that on mixmode sir. I cant even begin to fathom how you would deal with spiders and what not, any chance I could see you build in a PM?
  3. phanta may i ask what your tower damage is sitting at? would yours work solo you think? I have about 800 tower damage, im hoping i can get far enough to start getting those real nice armors. Id love to see stuff with 80-90 stats and similar ups.
  4. i think that you would need some pretty serious gear to solo that place. especially since you will need to leave your towers to fight the dragon. He has a ton of health as well and with the dps nerf it will be a fairly long fight.
  5. Ill be loading this thing xmas morning. The wife grabbed it for me! I dont know if she knew how bad of an idea that was for her hehe. I'm thinking juggernaut, but i may decide to go with one of the bounty hunter chars.
  6. I will speak from the perspective of Apprentice towers, as my understanding of squire towers does not extend beyond "spike wall is pretty". It is my oppinion that spiders too greatly effecting towers. Yes, I do realize that there are methods to combat this, but i feel that they harass physical towers too greatly. I would like to suggest a small attack cone behind towers, to help combat jumping elfs and spiders. Imagine an hour glass but with bottom half being shorter. This would be personal favorite. Another thought would be to apply the active players resistances to his accounts t
  7. I'll try to post it later. It was borrowed from someone who did a stream of nm mix last night. basicallytheres two magic barriers in front of each staircase one at the top one at the bottom. one mm facing each of the two staircases in the back, then one in between them facing towards the front. i then put one firball in front of the crystal facing the front and then i belive 2mm on either side of it. the goal is to have their cone of damage cover both staircases. 1 strength aura in front one in back. 1 slow and 1 electric in the four corners.
  8. Finally did it solo, thank you baby jesus! Key for me was giving up completely on traps, and going apprentice towers.
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