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  1. DD2 has prob one of the most weirds community i have ever seen on game, before today patch everyone were like " fk this game, it's too hard" and now " fk this game, too easy" lmao.. also 560 ascension o-o hemorrhoids op
  2. Game is extremly boring right now and it's not supossed to be like that, i have over 600h on this game and it's not fun anymore, the fact that there's only 1 way to clear c3+ (flamethorwers, frosty etc..) since they nerfed Dryad is jut not fun, 80% of current turrets are useless, i remember when few months ago you could actually make some cool builds like mixing Monk traps/ huntress traps, cannonballs etc....sigh.. hopefully trendy notice that there's a small bench between making the game a "challenge" and boring as well
  3. Yea right...it's normal for you cus u already farmed all ur current gear and shards before yesterday's patch.....zzzzzzzz
  4. Game is dying guys... Trendy is doing nothing about it, Tons of fking bugs before today's patch and they only nerfs turrets instead fixing the game, just played some c4 maps and rollers got stuck at spawn, went to play c5 with some friends idk why but there's like 8 assasins per lane(not sure if intended or bug) lol, also crappy loot everywhere, so they also nerfed loot LOL
  5. and i bought a dryad 2 days ago... i want mah money back ;(
  6. Hello im currently having a lot of issues with c2+ , my gear is from nm4 but i always end losing games lol, i've seen there a lot of people using Dryad but i dont have it.. i was wondering if you guys could help me with some tips or builds, or should i just buy a dryad? lol
  7. I hate siege roller so much...Traps are completly useless now, Trendy Please you need to do something about this, i remember when there was no siege roller , builds used to be fun with traps and auras.. now there's a standard build for everything making the game extremly boring :/
  8. lol wut i've complete it like 50 times already and only 2 medallions, im only getting books lol u re lucky af
  9. wut, no idea what you are talking about, lower = better
  10. they already nerfed archer lol, another nerf would kill archers and make it useless, the game is already getting harder, i used to see a lot of people playing bastille before, now they don't cus it's getting harder now
  11. ikr? they really need to get a good testers team, cus im not sure if they already have one and if they do please FIRE EVERYONE and get a new team...
  12. this game bro......nerfing archers and pdt? pdt ! really? u just buffed it and now u re going to nerf it? and Archers like really? why not protons? oh wait u guys re going to release a new EV2 skin ..so once u make a good profit from it you are nerfing protons as well? sigh...but yea once again trendy gives a fk about people, this shyt reminds me league of legends where players who played like 2-5 hrs per week start complaining at forums and making champions nerf....
  13. pdt as walls + traps and frosty towers used to be my fav build, but now with current buffs and heros it's just about mixing and playing with towers, sometimes protons+ pdt + walls + sa / protons+ archers + walls+ sa, i actually did a fun build today walls + frosty + ballistas and SA lol....still waiting for a good squire revamp, ballistas and cannons need more dps ;(
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