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  1. They also nerfed the dps a bit, i lost 20k dps.
  2. To add aoe to a skill don't make a new abilitie!
  3. "Want 4 new Dungeon Defenders Hero Classes? Get ready to play as the gender-swapped versions of the main characters, equipped with all new abilities, stat ramps, and more" They made them a bit diffrent to the original but not new! Thats a big fat lie and u want to make money with it!
  4. Because the guy with the good ideas left trendy long ago... Edit: also the guy who know how to do!
  5. When this is what we get for 4€, what will the next dlc cost with NEW mission/challenge/NEW char/boss/items? 20€? Fail Trendy...
  6. Its the game like i said, i got the same download 2 weeks ago.
  7. U download the game again not the patch!
  8. yeah! XD They set off on a journey to go try survival mode and wont be back until they are finished! This will take a long long time, because they got DCs all the time :)
  9. It would be nice, if each char has his own inventory and mana. Hope Trendy add this one day!
  10. Hi, when i played a round and leave to menu i got massive lags in the menu and in a costume game. A game restart helps but only untill i go back to menu after i played a full round. I got these problem since 7.10c. Any ideas what this could be?
  11. Thx but now i cant start a mission/challenge, only the mission window disapear... Edit: i disabled Fast Menu Transitions and now it works again!
  12. bought -> buy. Since did is a past tense... Correct use: I did "buy." Incorrect use: I did "bought." Thx for the english lesson ;)
  13. I thought i got a final version of the game, but all the changes every weeks sounds more like a beta to me. I like progress but, all the nerfs and buffs and nerfs and buffs every week, are a bit too much! Trendy ur game idea is one of the best i've ever played, but u should take more time for ur update progress. Quality is better then quantities! p.s. plz stop spliting the community with the chicken pet!!
  14. The problem is that all the data is on ur pc, so u can change any stat u want (hero/tower/ups/mana/gamespeed). Atm there is no difference between open or ranked server (for hacking).
  15. hi, they should make only the hero/tower stats randomize, but the dmg/sps/ups for all the same because u got no chance to get a better one if it sucks!
  16. Hi, u have to start a new game to get the chicken pet.
  17. Not really in my opinion. Variety is a good thing. I'm not one that usually gets the uber drops but I still support the loot being somewhat randomized. Me too but not for something u can get only once.
  18. Why all chickens got so much diferent dmg/sps/up stats? They should only have diferent hero and tower stats, but all must have the same dps. We all have to do the same achievments so its a little bit unfair!
  19. More and more hacked Blasticus... http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993491865/screenshots/?tab=public& and still no comment from the devs...
  20. Another hacked Blasticus?! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993491865/screenshots/?tab=public& or did they buffed the Blasticus? if yes then im sry to call Lightbringer a hacker, but he is still not a fair player when he kicks people after they build up the def on the last wave! maybe some comments from the devs about that?!
  21. Sry i didn't know where to post things like that when not in the main forum. Edit: lol now i saw the right forum! it doesn't show me the player forum last time. Next time i'll post it on the right forum sry for that!
  22. hmm i got a screen, but the link doesnt work. His blasticus got 1,5k dmg / 10 / and only 22 ups Never saw a blasticus like this and i saw a lot of blasticus!
  23. Hi, this guy use a hacked Blasticus and kicks people on the last wave. Steam nick: Hoppe Char: Lightbringer http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993491865/screenshots/?tab=all& Just a little info!
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