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  1. i travel to my fridge and back
  2. The puff has returned! =] Shielding most attacks > rest is so good. Also, up tilt > rest. Her edgeguarding, and edge camping are amazing. Multiple jumps for edgeguarding. Roll on stage > rest. Ledge attack > block > rest. Lastly, she's adorable. easy roll punishes too
  3. 1650-2628-3264 My main is jigglypuff, love her rest =] Back ups are marth/dr. mario/bowser/meta knight Her rest is so good compared to Brawl rest. She's my main too:]
  4. Really like what the PM dev team are doing currently, their new animations look amazing: http://www.gfycat.com/EnergeticEarnestBluetonguelizard http://gfycat.com/HeftyDizzyDuiker http://gfycat.com/RichRectangularBlackwidowspider http://www.gfycat.com/GenerousAggressiveDog also smash 4 hype tomorrow
  5. Anyone here have the demo? I've been playing it all weekend long. =] Mario, Villager, and Pikachu are so good x.x All the demo characters feel really solid. Really happy with some of the buffs some characters got from Brawl too.
  6. Was anyone else sad that there's no ice climbers in the new game? It's sad that they didn't make it because of hardware issues. :( Here's hoping that they'll be in the Wii U version and are hopefully still the strongest. No chain grabs pretty much makes IC much worse.
  7. And me of course. We share the same age and birthday:)
  8. Luigi for life. eyy lmao luigi main here too, i love him. marth and roy are my secondaries
  9. Wow I have never heard about project M before. I have to try it. I wish I had a WiiU to play the new SSB. I bought mine recently just for SSB and MK8:)
  10. Whether it be 64, Melee, Brawl or even mods for Brawl; discuss them here. I have been playing a tonne of Project M recently, and it's insanely fun, even with the few pretty OP characters.
  11. And... good-bye! http://lparchive.org/Earthbound-(by-Leavemywife)/Update%2034/77-12138.png +1 for the earthbound reference, that series is so good.
  12. but josh, i thought you were my husbando ;-;
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