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  1. Sorry, I've been away from home working on a final project, I'll try to grab you on chat if I see you to get you the mana
  2. I have 100B to throw at you. 10 tix please (steam is linked)
  3. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Grats to everyone :)
  4. Sorry cant accept this bid as it was placed at 1-2am 2nd GMT end time was 10 pm 1st lol Oh, my time zone is different; I live in USA. Didn't realize that. All good :) Edit: Wtf is wrong with this forum and its buttons
  5. Ult+ Quietus, Ult+ Ecannon, ult sparus, ult+ sparus, 401^ e-greatsword - 3 coal each notes for myself: 15 coal
  6. Didn't see this on time. I'm looking for a weapon for my monk ;_; I have coals I'd love to trade for that if you're willing to bend the auction time a little...And...some quantity of chickens from my collection of chickens?
  7. I'm in. Got some ++s here: http://imgur.com/a/AXWnA
  8. Ah ok, thanks for replying :)
  9. I am SOOOO sick of TD now UGH. Not sure if I qualify for grand prize because I don't have the fastest time, though the fastest person didn't want the prize... Preference: -Supreme Aura Set -Espear -Make your own large diamond -Lab diamond -Make your own small diamond Thanks for doing this giveaway :)
  10. http://i.imgur.com/XhoymOc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/JV5IDqZ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/moeCr4z.jpg Edit: I took pics of the wrong screen XD Will edit with right ones after I redo run Edit2: Fixed them
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