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  1. expedition maps are easy, for that matter, much of onslaught is... I use the hornets in my onslaught maps all the time... just not exclusively, one of them sits back at the wall to take on what gets through (ie single target dmg focus) I'd still be surprised to see hornets work on high volume lane without ram or FA or something to support it or it has a customized antifrosty/fire/boom mod setup
  2. reading the builds I don't get it... bee's aren't that powerful, and you really need a melee boom on them due to their lack of AOE... anyone have alot of luck with them if you don't have a melee boom on them? I'm usually getting around 1.5 mil dps per bee.. or 4.5 total dps in corrupt form Rams still out dmg them. close to 800k per shot or 1 mil dps... so at 5 target, rams start to win, at 10 targets it's way ahead at 10 mil dps versus 4.5 mil dps (and i don't use my mass desct on my ram, it's setup for anti frost lanes but still has a higher dmg dealt than my bee's ) Next there's the nimbus, which has a buggy ai to0, but I can easily get it up to 7-10 million dps, which with double the DU cost of hornets, means they are about on par With mods your can make any of these defenses crazy powerful, no idea why they focused on the hornets nest, hornets and rams and a few others are lucky because they don't have to waste a mod slot on piercing
  3. Totally agree with improvements to the deck, extend binds would be totally AWESOME! probably even 12 chars, I bet on the game pads with a double tap selection setup they could support 12 hot swap hero's too as for the bee's, I think any defense you stack shards, desct/mass desct/gilded rate it is going to be painful I think that's the point of the epic shards, without mass desct, are they still that over powered? For me, most lanes in onslaught die horribly with just pdt and rams, now i'll just use cannons instead of bee's. Also, when I have lanes with a ram vs pdt vs bee's and watch the dmg dealt (and they have same ranges) most dmg is dealt by ram, then pdt, then bee's... and that's when the bee's had the mass desct shard so how well do 4-5 nests do well on lanes with 200 + minions like frost lanes and timmy revenge? I never had much luck with them without a second dryad with a customized mod config to deal with it... but that's the point of mods... right? I think if there was a mod to make rams do physical (non-magical) dmg, people could do entire onslaught with all rams... just like they can with bee's... (except you wouldn't have a double jump and wings so it wouldn't be as fun)
  4. This I could kinda understand, but I feel the problem would only make things worse. Speaking as someone who has all bank and bag slots and to many characters, there's enough slots, it's just time consuming to sort or organize in a meaningful way and shards take up way to much space. Inventory has been a mess since they dropped spheres and added shards. IF they did something to clean up the shard space, i'd have plenty of space for materials. I'd rather them work on some ideas mentioned in - https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/156768/see-comment?scrollTo=1322870#1322870 - before trying to add more bag space, we need tools to manage the space we have. Also, what happens if you dropped the subscription... would all the items in the "extra" bags just vanish?
  5. Yes, the inventory has become a nightmare again, seems like half my time is spent sorting, selling, or trying to find some piece of eq. I had always thought there was an auto sell for items not collected, I wonder how much gold I've lost over the 3-4 yrs I've played... wow... yeah that'd be a nice feature While we're on wish list for inventory: MOD Management - current system doesn't seem to recognize items mods in any way, sorting, searching, or filtering for ANYTHING based off mod strength, name, or # of mods on itemSuper Search - The one I'd truly love is to be able to search across all chars, vault and bag at once. Maybe have a "super search tab" within the vault tabsText Search - I know it would be hard to optimize for consoles, but I'd love to be able to type in "Power transfer" and be able to have an icon for each one i had and I could mouse over for a tool tip location. Or type in a particular mod name and see i have 20 copies of it, and can easily get rid of the 10 weakest oneLevel 0 shards stacking - shard clutter is the biggest issue taking up half my bags and vault, seems like I'm making a nice collection of 9 of each.... with 250 unique shards... even stacking all lvl 0's... i'd fill 4 bags, but it would free up 4-6 more which would be GREAT!More Icons - I agree 100%, we need more icons, swords, armor, the AP symbol, different colored gems, currently I think you can have more bag slots than icons. Also would be nice to change bank bag iconIn general I'd support anything that'd help me find my items faster so I can spend more time playing.
  6. Inventory is a nightmare again No searching/sorting/looting based on mods... just lots and lots of mouse pointingShard stacking...even if only all level 0 shards would stack, it'd fix 90% of my issue. 6 bank vaults and 4 bags full of shards, I seem to be working on a collection of 9 of EVERY shard Concerning mod rarity - it does seem like a level 10 mod is 1 in 10,000 or even 100,000. Which I still haven't seen one without buying it. Atleast I can trade for it. I think what makes the rarity so much more annoying is the tediousness of looking through all your mods to see that you got nothing. My big issue with end game is being bored on solo onslaught. I have a friend or 2 that are usually within 5 levels of my onslaught level, but very little can be done to play with them unless i stay exactly in sync with them. After level 100 or so I don't see why it won't level me join his level 120, and when we beat it I'd just get credit for my lower onslaught level aswell. 99% of my onslaught is forced solo play, don't always mind that... but it's supposed to be the fun challenging thing you want to do with friends... and you can't.
  7. Personally I think Pets, pet re-rolls, and pet regents should all be removed from the pack's loot table. Those things aren't anything special and can easily be obtained through other consumables. As far as the costume/flair, Not sure why Dupes are even on it, it would be fairly easy to remove items you already own from loot tables, or give the player a free re-roll or 2 on dupes. Or make two kinds, "defend packs" and "defender costume packs" and the costume packs "ONLY" has costumes and not the other junk There's so much flair and other random pieces that even if you removed out dupes, you'd still need alot of defender packs to get everything. Overall, I'd rather just have EVERYTHING available at the costume shop in town.... that is what it was there for... right? Then I could PICK the costumes I actually want, and people who don't want to spend $ can try thier luck at these defender packs.
  8. Well today I was looking at the costumes and realized for my Dryad I only had 2 outfits, so I broke down and bought the 10x mythic bundle. See if my luck fared any better than before, who knows maybe they'd fixed the loot table and..... Silly me I was thinking it was a "Mythic Costume Pack" not a "Orc Junk Chest" Much to my dismay... it seems somehow worse than i imagined...almost no costume pieces... but tons of Pets, Pet re rolls and ingredients? The to top it off, I just get 750k for duplicate items. So out of 30-40 item RNG I get 10 new pets, almost 20 ingredients, 5 duplicate items, and 5 new items I know you can randomly/seldomly get them from onslaught... but that's just a waste of real world $$$, I don't see myself ever buying those again.
  9. I had this happen twice today, once on wave 4 and once on 5. I saw the Javelin thrower throw and die, kinda irked me tho. I had Hailstorms, vipers, pdt, all closer than the core, and then Javelin thrower went for the core, Like right as they walked out the door, didn't even make it to first proton beam. Drathmar
  10. The current Search/sort features are nice, but I'd love to see more added to it. Particularly when it comes to finding shards. Currently I have 35 heroes. Occasionally I'll move a shard to one of my heroes i don't use as much (particularly my deadly strikes or other important shards) I would love an option to show shards IN relics/armor in your inventory or equipped on a hero Also would be nice to be able to sort shards by hero type then name, That way you could see ALL your options for... say Ev all near each other without having to dig through 5 pages of. Icons help quite abit, but still abit of searching required unless you know the exact name of every shard your looking for Drathmar
  11. yeah... i've had that happen once or twice, i reported it about 18 months back, lost the kirabear just days after getting it for the old monthly quest. Never heard back on my report. 6 months after, i did see some patch notes that said to the effect of "fixed a but that causes pet to disappear from inventory due to double clicking on pet" Never did get a kirabear back or even hear back from them, but that was the old bug reporting system, maybe you'll have better luck than me, but don't hold your breath
  12. two things I really like about Czokalapik's design is: A. that it shows the information on the screen without having to mouse over the shards to see what they are, meaning it would be much faster to for players to scan their inventory B. The shards "should" be in the same place each time and we wouldn't have to guess which bag the shard is in to go find it
  13. spell book idea is nice, but i totally agree with raiden, even with max bag capacity it's still hard to find space for the shards you earn, when would this new feature come along?
  14. you had me at "stored in spell book" only downside to this, is it would be a whole new system and could take months to implement, not to mention it would be an "undo" on the whole shard system, which is unlikely as vested as they are months into it now Shards stacking up to 99x, shouldn't really be that hard to implement, it already exists in inventory, probably just a flag change on an item DB table
  15. yup, exactly my problem to, a seperate thing like spheres used to be would be much preferable than the current inventory mess we have
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