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  1. Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing what this ability is supposed to look like. It seems like an ability that would be fun to play with, even if it's a little difficult to use.
  2. I'd put Insane as a high difficulty in pre-endgame modes to shorten power leveling times, and let some of the more adventurous new players try something more difficult.
  3. I'm also playing from Australia, but I think this might be a problem with Australia more than the servers. I'm currently with iinet and I haven't come across this issue unless there are issues with the internet itself (e.g. many people downloading simultaneously, capped, etc), and I'm on ADSL2+. That said, I'd totally be down for some Australian servers for better responsiveness.
  4. It says that it makes a kobold flyer attack the target. How is this meant to be interpreted? Does it mean that I shoot a kobold instead of a secondary projectile?Does it mean that what I shoot at will spawn a kobold to attack it?Does it mean that a kobold flyer that's nearby will redirect to target it...????I've not seen anything that tells me how it works, but I've only tested it on indoor maps (in case one of the possibilities is a new kobold falls from the sky...?).
  5. I'm pretty sure in DD1, tower heroes still had *some* purpose on the field if you had room for them because having the tower builder out gave a 33% damage bonus to towers built by that builder. Because of special abilities and fewer stats on each item (admittedly I do like not having to deal with items giving -1000000 in random things), I agree that characters tend to be too specialized and the balance between damage sources (friendly and enemy) has resulted in something like what you said. I do like the ability to attack and repair, but I feel that that has brought unnecessary emphasis to rep
  6. I'm more on the side of Endgame giving no XP at all unless special measures are taken to ensure that players can't bring sub-par characters or to give 'original game creator' more privileges (e.g. doesn't need votes to kick, can set some sort of iPWR or better gating mechanism). I shouldn't have to want to play in private games all the time when playing at higher difficulties, but at the same time if NM4 gave the most XP, then you'd have people bringing in level <50 heroes more often. At this stage I don't really see what Trendy loses (again, other than concurrent player count inflation)
  7. It would be nice if Freeplay had insane difficulty where a well executed 5-map run could drag a fresh hero straight to level 50. The only thing I can see 'slow leveling' being beneficial for Trendy would be for inflating the concurrent player count, but otherwise if people generally do this in private matches, then it's just a waste of resources.
  8. Boost Defense Attack Sphere I - (Large, Monk) Boost Aura increases nearby defenses' attack damage by 15%. Lightning Gambit Sphere - (Large, Monk) Lightning Aura gets 50% more damage and 25% more range. Lightning Strikes Aura attack cool down is reduced by 33% and gains 25% more range. Both auras lose 50% of their maximum lifespan. Slow Poison - (Large, Huntress) Enemies that are poisoned by Poison Dart Tower are slowed by 25% to 75% depending on how far along the poison has increased. (Side note: Poison Dart Towers really shouldn't be targeting the same thing repeatedly. The tower and this hy
  9. You don't need to use Monk to get it (had it appear while playing as Apprentice and as Huntress), and it just appears. I've gotten it on Wyvern Den and on Liferoot Forest (some combination NM2, NM3, and NM4), whilst I've heard people get it in other places. It's a random drop that's just weirdly rare.
  10. Not Lightning Strike Auras (which I am aware only hit 1 thing at a time), but some testing and poking with a friend on Steam seemed to show that if too many enemies enter a Lightning Aura too quickly, then the Lightning Aura doesn't damage all of them simultaneously (like the description suggests). I would record a video but I don't have the game on me at the moment and I need something like the 1000 goblin wave from Onslaught to more clearly see this. Has anyone else noticed anything like this? I feel this is one of the two things that contributes to Elemental Chaos just being outright better
  11. There's a problem that can be viewed from two different perspectives here. Onslaught is a mode that is not very engaging, it's pretty monotonous, and it's very slow. I definitely understand where Cantus is coming from where they say it seems to be designed to be an AFK mode because of those issues, but it being an AFK mode is more of a symptom of a problem rather than an issue of design. The loot from onslaught requires an extensive amount of time and doesn't have very good guarantees, and the challenge has a pretty set-and-forget answer with little reason to interact with the game once your d
  12. Ah, I must've missed the announcement then. I feel a bit silly now. I heard it was happening for Halloween, but didn't hear about it for other things. In any case, it's not that I regret supporting the game or feel that I made an incorrect decision as such, it's mostly that what I read to make my decision was incorrect.
  13. I'm not doing so well in soloist builds in NM4 (can only do some things in NM3), but I've found that a factor that's been slowing my progress in soloing (in general at the NM difficulties) is the fact that I don't have enough hands to repair everything when things start going wrong. However, I kind-of got a similar feeling for the most part that the game does discourage soloing as it gets harder, but I've seen enough to suggest that it's still possible - you just need defenses that don't need as much of your attention.
  14. I decided to eventually purchase something to support the game. I thought I might as well have gotten something worthwhile and would give me something special, so I bought the Collector's Pack on the last day that I could (at least according to time in the US) because the Steam store page said it's bound to leave the store on 10th of November. However, it's now 16th of November and it's still in store. It kind-of seems like the gesture of thanks that I get for support with regards to 'exclusive' things gets cheaper and less special the longer this thing stays on sale past its due date. I'm a
  15. I have an item with ~80.5% on Idle Flow, and I was concerned that it wasn't working because it didn't look like it did. It's simultaneously relieving and discerning to know that it only looks like it's not working.
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