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  1. This is true for end game. But for people that are gearing up multiple characters, they need to check every blue and even greens to see if the item is a upgrade or not. If you had 4 bags and filled them up every match, like I did before having bag filters, and after every match you replaced every single item on your hero that would mean 96% of the items are useless, sold to make more room for more items. The fact is though, the percentage should be higher because even at the beginning, and especially mid to high level heroes, you are rarely going to replace every item you have in 1 match. Al
  2. Idea OverviewWhenever you want to play a game with a full random party, you start a match just to find out you need to solo the game because no one joined or your only playing with like 1 other person. The idea is to change how you are matched with other players before starting a game, so that you can have a full team at the beginning of the match. Matchmaking ChangesGroups should be removed and replaced with Parties.The "Group Tavern" should be removed and replaced with the already existing "Private Tavern".The "Match Type" section in the "War Table" should be removed and replaced with a pop
  3. If you would like this ability available as an uber sphere, maybe you should post the idea under the thread sphere suggestions also. At the very least, you can post a link to this thread on that one.
  4. The loot as it is now is just a way to make some coin, as 99% of the items picked up are all sold. If you want more loot to sell you need to sell during the build phase or buy more bags. loot that is picked up by the scavenger should not be used as an extra bag to sell more items, it should be used to not miss out on items you actually need to use.
  5. so basically legendary items should be account bound or something like that?
  6. If you like this idea, it would work best to coincide with my other idea "Auto Loot Rework" available here https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/128793/auto-loot-rework
  7. If you like this post, it would work best to coincide with my other idea "Realistic Scavenger" available here https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/128789/realistic-scavenger
  8. Idea OverviewThe way auto loot works now is kind of annoying, I don't like all these items in my way when I'm trying to kill enemies. If auto loot is turned on the items should not even drop, they should be automatically picked up. my idea is to make that happen. Auto Loot ChangesIf auto loot is turned on for a certain type of item, that item should automatically go to the appropriate bag and not show on the ground unless there is no more room in the bag.If an item didn't get auto looted when it was dropped, and you make space for it during the build phase, another auto loot collection is ini
  9. Idea OverviewThe scavenger as it works now does not make sense. A scavenger normally scavenges loot that has been left behind, then he doesn't give it away but he sells it to make a profit. The idea is to change the scavenger to a more realistic one. Changes To The ScavengerCollects all unclaimed loot that has not been physically picked up or auto collected by the end of the build phase.Gives a Notification of how many items the scavenger collected after every collection round. When physically picking up an item and your bags are full or the filter for that item is not available in a bag, th
  10. Item Trader In The Tavern One way to implement this is to add a trading person standing in the bar area of the tavern. The following would be the steps needed to complete the trade. 1. Talk to the trader standing near the bar. 2. He will ask you if you want to trade items with someone in your party, click "Yes". 3. Select which party member you want to trade with. 4. They will receive a popup notification asking if they would like to trade with you. 5. Once they click yes, you are brought to the item request screen. The Item Request ScreenThe item request screen is a way for both players to
  11. I have thought of a way to implement this in my new thread https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/128721/
  12. this is a really cool idea, I like how it seems like its based off of Bounty Hunter from Dota 2. I have a really cool idea for a hero that can switch between ranged and melee attack modes with persistent attacking towers / traps. Check out my thread to see what I mean https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/128710/new-character-idea-druid?scrollTo=128710&page=4%23128710
  13. This is an interesting idea, I have an idea for a new hero that I think would be totally awesome and its based on a character that can switch between ranged and melee forms, and has persistent attacking towers / traps. Check out my thread if you want to know what I mean https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/128710/new-character-idea-druid?scrollTo=128710&page=4%23128710
  14. I didn't read this post before I created a similar idea, although it is based on switching from ranged to melee attack and has persistent attacking towers / traps. check out my thread to see what I'm talking about. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/128710/new-character-idea-druid?scrollTo=128710&page=4%23128710
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