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  1. Generally the problem lies in the javelin throwers. I drop an aura right around where they stop outside of your defenses range. I like to use 2 flame auras, one just outside the blockade then another just connecting the auras and that does the trick, I even solo'd on hard so far that way.
  2. Sadly this fiasco is going to cost them a lot of potential customers. I kept the game because I love the series but any who has never played it before will install it, then it will crash and then uninstall it.
  3. Time is money, don't let them off the hook, the game is riddled with bugs, glitches and unresponsive confusing controls in the UI. No excuse for this stuff when it's been live for over 2 years.
  4. None of the controls work to select any costume pieces for me. Specifically the Adept Apprentice costume given by following Trendy on Twitter. I click rb then it only lets me select "down" and can't go back up. Had issue with the Monk costume too. This game seems so broken it's ridiculous. Just simple things like navigating are simply broken. For the love of god stop adding things and just make the game work properly.
  5. http://imgbox.com/oYyPATnk Is this some type of joke?
  6. This game is a mess with zero direction. They need to stop content updates and make the game playable and easy to understand for gamers. Everything is so confusing it's just ridiculous.
  7. There is a MAC version in development, but it will not be ready for the public for quite some time. We are concentrating all of our efforts on PS$ and PC versions right now. Exactly, the PS$ edition is just to rip people off so you guys put the funds towards the ever expanding steam edition.
  8. Do yourself a favor and put the mac in a microwave. Go buy a Surface
  9. I just wanna see updates along side the pc version. They have no reason to be weeks or months behind now seeing as it's not costing them any money to update the game.
  10. Yeah I'd much rather just adjust the angle after placing it down. So hit the button twice basically rather than holding it.
  11. No need for offline mode with hackers creating uber gear and ruining the game, our game saves are safe on the server Maybe when the game goes back online it could cross check for any inaccuracies in equipment.
  12. Loot pickup needs to be moved from X, I was in the Wyvern Den at the last wave and it was hectic I was about to jump over a hole to help my mates but a piece of loot was there so I hit X grabbed the loot and fell to my doom.....we lost.... and I cursed.....at you for mapping loot pickup to the X button.
  13. Its all personal preference, but I myself agree. Everything just feels so "right" with the DS4. Gotta agree with that! Love playing with a Controller way more ;-) Only thing that sucks is the battery life is horrid I have to charge my ds4 every single day its infuriating. I wish this came out for the xbox one so this wouldn't be a problem.
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