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  1. What is up guys! Im getting back to dd2, i already have a frosty mage, trapness, waller and a huntress for dps, used to work pretty well, they all about 600-700 iPwr, but some months has passed since i dont play dd2. So... with all the changes and updates, i wanted to know if you guys can help me with tips of which characters should i build so i can play mostly solo and what should i look for with equipments for each one. Appreciatte if anyone can help me :) GLHF, Stay blessed! (sry for the english, dont really know how to :])
  2. Library > Dungeon Defenders II properties > Beta > "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs." If it doesn't update automatically, restart steam
  3. WIth upgrade do you mean the visual looking, the winter map? The Collector's Pack, dragonfall defender upgrade sorry xd Ill only be able to buy it on 12/15, but really want to get it
  4. Someone have the information if the dragonfall upgrade be avaiable till december? Thanks
  5. Show Build Health Bars Toggle: (x) on ( ) off ~~ ( ) on (x) off Pretty usefull :)
  6. So.. Unlocked free play, received the confirmation e-mail, updated with press, restarted steam, logged in, but there is just my recently created heroes. Then i'd like to know, will it be replaced on that "next wave"? Just waiting so i can start the rush (:
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