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  1. thats what i thought, thanks tho, bless (:
  2. so, over 50 c4 matches and not a single power transfer or rate shards, im i looking in the wrong pleace or its just the rng against me? ._.
  3. Big Boy dont stack, Frosty Nodes i really wanna know too
  4. 6300 medals/week is that right? +1. Would be the ***
  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ASxO7dozMkjCDH7YL1TjCNT_lDaBFyRutTIV2DPQ4xc/edit#gid=0 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QRqScpz90b8BjJEgQI1wD2sJowxPLel8vAXXvB1xFv4/edit#gid=0
  6. Of which pet i can get Gato Fireworks rolled? Is it better than Bearkira/Dragolich ability now? Thanks
  7. Mystical Romance -Thanks for doing that :
  8. 1. Maxing out 1 is nice to focus on a single aspect, you want tons of damage: max out AP/AD, you want to be able to tank some damage, take HD. (personally i would say max AP/AD) 2. Full DP then Defense attack speed then put rest into crit. Crit is the least effective of the 3. 3. Dont worry to much about gold. once you get to nightmare 4, you will have more gold then you can spend. Im in nm4 inc since august/2015 ._. Im in need of tons of gold to max all my gear left plus the new characters and the strategy once used isnt the more effective anymore.. But thank you for your answer :D
  9. MrJuiceBags have a video showing whats the fastest way to get the Caustic Dragolich quest done. Im about two hours doing his method, i dont know if its done and i missed it or its still to be completed, but for sure, if it is real, in one hour max ill get him. Wish me luck xD
  10. So can anyone post what whas the requirements for them both Dragolichs please? I had account but i missed the quest for stop playing, ill try it
  11. Why theres no Abyss Lord (Demons Lair) books with Defense power anymore? It will be fixed? Is there still a way to get the green dragolich?
  12. 1. Are any changes on RNG of 750ipwr drop rate with smart stats/passives about to come? I've played 113.4 hours on last 2 weeks, grinding to get those i750 and all i got was two boots, two helmets, one medallion and one ring with ipwr range of 710-740, some even without proper passives or proper stats, soon i'll not have that much time to play, so it will keep my distant from the game, since we have to spend so much time for almost no rewards 2. Are Dragolich ever coming again? WE NEED IT hahaha (BTW, Thanks for the Lavamancer on the last Devstream giveaway, really appreciate it :]) Love y
  13. Yo, got 3 questions that cant get out of my mind, if someone could help me with that, i appreciate 1.EV DPS- When i upgrade my gear should i spend my points half AP and half HD or max one, if so, which? 2.EV Beamer- When i upgrade my gear should i spend my points half DP and half DC or Defense Power? 3. and not related, the current fastest way to farm gold, map, difficult, spheres, etc.. Thank you all, GLHF Peace!
  14. Just a quick question, can i get Sandstorm (dps) passive on a Bearkira with earth damage? I rolled his skill just 4 times, all come again with 2 options of Maelstorm or something like that, i just want to know if i continue rolling. Thanks, GLHF
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