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  1. i think dungeon defender died already, maybe in 10 years we will see something like it doing more good
  2. when i started playing the game, there was exactly one possible strategy to beat the game (until you had the best gear possible) there werent any shards, just a thing really close to them there werent tower skins many bugs caused many problems now see the progress!
  3. 0564

    easter egg

    if you start a game on trial, there is a little arrow in the right corner, tells you: Difficulty: NightMareFive
  4. 0564

    shard drop sites

    i want to see where shards drop and what they do, but i dont want to search the forum every time i play could you add the names of possible shard drops to the shard packs or anything like this - thinking about forum-inactive/new players aswell
  5. i was stucked on c3 for a really long time, then shards were obtainable by medals, so i baught all of them, could do c4 really easy with those shards, while i had problems on c3 without them, so i would say they are a big thing for beginners, espacially if they are low level...also most people would search a list with all the shards, so they see those and want them
  6. what about shards, they do some special things aswell that could be worth anything
  7. totally agree with that, but then theres a problem for new players who cant get the range speed and critchance/damage, therefore they are losing defense power (range in ascension) so they have to play crit, until they have a high level, but at the same time they have to skill the critchance before range...im just not sure if that would be good for new players, that need testing first
  8. They already have colored shard slots, and shards that are limited to specific types of armor pieces. So by your logic, people are already being "forced" to use shards they don't care about. Do you see how dumb that sounds now? And yeah, you can equip those shards, and they do function, but you're just shooting yourself in the foot if you do. I'm not saying they literally cannot be used. I'm saying they're all dog *** and there is never a time when they are a good choice to use. The vast majority of tower-specific damage dealing shards are not even situationally useful, they're just trash. It's called hyperbole. The only thing those shards do is make the shards that are actually useful more rare. I would like for them to at least be an option if they're going to exist in the game, but with only 3 shard slots you can't justify getting rid of Deadly Strikes, Defense Rate, Defensive Critical Damage, Power Transfer or Destruction to add Encroaching Flames. i said myself they are worse than others, but what do you prefer: the system right now - 3 or 4 shards that are so good, that you cant do anything without them as youre not level 1000+ on c4/5 (will be done by higher chaos tier, except range), but you will always have to use specific shards cause they are "game-breaking" or a system that gives you the option to use ***ty shards as a tiny upgrade to your gear and level keep in mind that youre bound to farming same c again and again untill you finally get your drop (like it was some weeks ago)
  9. The equation for buff defenses to break even is: (DU_Cost_of_Defense_Doing_The_Buffing / DU_Cost_of_Defense_Being_Buffed) * (1 / How_Much_The_Buff_Gives) The first part tells you how many of that defense you can place using the DU that would be spent on the buff defense. If DU costs didn't exist, then only the second part would be necessary. The second part tells you how many defenses you need to place in order for the buff to actually equal having another defense. When you multiply both parts together, you get the number of defenses needed before the buff becomes useful. --- Now, to no one in particular... Every defense being buffed after the Break Even is worth more than a defense not being buffed. The break even point itself is no better than having the same number of defenses but replacing the buff beam with another of the same defense. This is important to note because it's not better to use a buff beam until you reach (Break_Even + 1). but keep in mind, some buffs, buffing more than just one tower, if you place good you get several updates (especially with shards) so you have to calculate every situation new
  10. You either didn't read or didn't understand what I said. I said to add a shard slot where only defense-specific shards can be used. You would not be able to put Defense Rate, Deadly Strikes, Power Transfer, Destruction, Defense Critical Damage, or Vampiric Empowerment in those slots. You would be able to put Encroaching Flames, Fire for Effect, Cthulhu's Influence, Atomic Capacity, Drenched, Earth Toss, Empowered Flame, etc... into that shard slot. Shards going from unusable to usable absolutely would make them more useful. i understood what you say, but why do you want to force me to play with those shards also they are usable right now, you can use them right now (if not, pls tell me why, i can use every shard i find), but if you say fe 2 red shard slots and 1 green or whatever colors, you will force players to use those special shards, even if they dont want to, if you add more shard slots it wont change it aswell (as i said on higher levels shards will be useless cause of capreach)
  11. i play annie as a jungler with trinity force...tons of damage
  12. I don't think we should make them NOT attack towers, but it's not as simple as just not standing near towers. As I've mentioned, their odd behaviors in the way they attack cause them to just randomly hit things trying to attack you across the map. Again... Don't think it's a big issue. But it is something that can happen uncontrollably at times. I think they either need reduced attack range, less missles in exchange for more damage and accuracy, OR a higher arc on their projectiles, with clipping privileges (like skyguard has). ahh now i understand what you meant exactly i never saw this happen to me, could be that it happened without my knowledge about it, from what i see the missles just hit the defense, if i stand close to it, it seems that the missles always hit you in a square like form (2 missles right on your point and 2 missles behind you), if you stand on an ungrounded terrain, the missles seem to attack randomly, but still close to you, i never saw a missle randomly hitting a defense anywhere on the map, just if i stood close to them but again thats what i saw in my playing time, also i dont know about the missle behaviour with more players (also im not sure if its a bug, but if you play solo and die while siege roller attacking you, he will stop attacking after your death forever)
  13. i want to give it a try if i play, i play solo - why? - have problems to beat the diffictulty solo (c5) as it becomes harder each person joining, i would have to make sure, that those other persons can atleast solo c5 without problems, that we even have a chance, also i must be sure, that if he cant solo c5 with 4 persons, the other persons are on c5 rdy equip aswell - i really liked the ipwr, so you could give a certain minimal gear value, every person must have - so in this case i think im the weakest person in the group, again why would i join if i know im useless (unless i dont know im useless, because i think my 50k hero dps are the best someone could ever have) i tried doing public several times, but around 90% of the time, people have gear around 400 values or close to endgame, why should i join in? - if i have to build its not enough with those guys finished campaign, if the endgame guy builds i can go afk, both options arent funny, so im forced to play solo to win and have fun (not just afk farm) i guess it would be a fix to multiplayer, if the gear values would determine the difficulty, but its really hard to setup...you would have to give certain numbers for each possibility, for example a pretty high relic is something else than a pretty high glove and a guy with twice your ipwr would let you become useless again, also this hasnt much to do with the actual chaos difficulties (which i like pretty much) conclusion: you have to play with your friends from start till end together, or you have to play solo the whole time, unless you want to carry other people in lower difficulties (or you want to be carried), this way you could only find other people to play with, by spectating gear of every person, add those persons, ask if they want to play with you without getting carried by others, and then you have to play the same time (also you have to have the same amount of money and medals, to have the same progression speed)
  14. its not just buff beam, so many defenses are useless if you remind those old days (traps + freeze tower, skeletal archers, pdts) most of defenses were always garbage to a certain patch
  15. agreed, most of shards are garbage, but adding more slots wont let them become more usefull, since range critchance and speed is always the biggest advance for defenses (until the stats on the equip reaches the cap) critchance is gained by ascension, so this shard is done after reaching alvl60, speed can be found on every relic, mark etc. so this shard is done by reaching cX, range cannot be obtained by equip (for now), crit damage will be nullified? (theres something about this on update news) so for the attacking defenses the problem will solve itself the blockades dont have any interesting shards except those you listed, so there should be introduced new shards, but what could be interesting for blockades, as you just want them to stay alive normally?
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