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  1. Also the genius who decided things like lock on one side should be the same controls as "delete character" on the other should be fired. It's poor thinking like this that really ruins games. I've made several suggestion threads about this but they haven't gotten much attention. I have almost deleted my character so many times for this exact thing... I honestly don't know what they were thinking. They could have made "Delete Character" some totally unused combo of buttons like L3+R3 or similar. Crazy awful. I took a year break from the game because the text on the screen was so tiny it would
  2. There is a problem on console that really needs to be discussed, and frankly is driving very seasoned good hearted veteran players away. This issue is the massive over-drop of shards in a given chaos level for characters not owned by the player. I recently completed two separate runs counting 14 and 10 in c4 in the hopes of getting a power transfer, deadly strikes, attack rate, 7 second freeze or well anything usefull. That's 42 total c4 specific shards plus 24 pre-4 chaos shards. There were a few instances in which I received something I had a reason to store, but I can say with certainly
  3. Here, Here! and agreed! Destiny controls are poo, especially vault space. However I agree whole heatedly that the bag grid space system in this game is also poo. I would like to strangle the person who decided to make (in ps4) L1/R1 shift for large field while L2/R2 is the top tab. After 1 1/2 months of returning and "no life-ing" this game, I am STILL trying to change tabs with L1/R1. It's physio-mechanically the most natural motion. One can also tell with a glance how they intended for us to use our bag space with a simple glance at the icons. There is one for "each character" while almost n
  4. True and I have also found that there are several others which do not work. Drenching strikes is the big one for me though as it is technically a primary attack and you may wish to drench in front of rather than below the storm cloud. Also note that many simple "attacks" shards do not work either regardless of how they are specified. With these inactive it really makes the weapon do considerably less damage than a standalone.
  5. With he patch coming out I am posting this with a hope that a last second tweak may be made available. To be brutally frank on this the monks wayfarer weapons are absolute junk and deserve a serious update. It's not so much that they are terrible as they are either a) constricting in function, or B) difficult to get compared to others (for the stormy pole arm) and subsequently nerfed. (Drenched strikes do not work with the stormy pole arm, and I think this is brutally silly. The point of riding around shooting lightning is to be able to use that primary shard at range. I mean sure you drench
  6. I'd be happy to be able to read text without using the zoom function on ps4. It has been made worse each patch and continues to get worse. It's a simple friggin text setting for @#$&%'s sake. The devs have stated they programmed for "worst case scenario" inadvertantly isolating 98% of the community in such a scenario they claimed they were trying to avoid. No one uses CRTs anymore guys. 1080\720 is breeze. Just stop trying to port from PC res and run h.d.
  7. [[77599,users]] I fully understand, and while your mention is noted, the reason I left the o.p. was to be informative and to offer feedback. You see, the issue here is not whether Trendy knows, but whether they truly have an idea of how much this influences the PS4 player base. Right now I just don't believe they care that much, and only actions will correct that. Much like I still cannot properly read text and they were "aware" of the issue back in the first release we received, each subsequent release has gotten worse rather than better on known issues. This has led many of us to theoriz
  8. No, you see justifying him by saying "you can ignore him" is a main part of the issue. Just because YOU are o.k. with wastedmaterials does not mean everyone is ; further it is selfish. I wrote to show my issue as well as many others' who have left and why. Trendy might want to know why they have lost customers. Finally I have been deadrolled on mysquire for months in a row unable to improve walls. I need tiny over expensive final upgrades to improve. RNG for this game is wretched, I expect because I don't buy enough. If the scavenger were gone and the inventory loot overflow bag reimplemented,
  9. I have played the alpha for some time and there was a time that I tried to get all of my friends to pony up for access. Then some not so brilliant person thought up the scavenger. As far as I'm concerned it's just about killed the game. I log on, play one level and go through the hassles of needing to be able to collect all to really even view what's there.Fumble through more time in deleting or attempting to remember what to sell and what to keep all the while hoping I don't make a mistake and destroy something I care about. The scavenger is easily the most punishing joy, killing, deviously e
  10. Great just one issue here. Your player base is dwindling so badly now on consoles that by the time you get to it, there will be only a handful of players left. Certainly no one who trusts enough to make gem purchases. I am seeing major community founders abandoning the game at this point and it's sad. One off the biggest messes is loot and text size. We need to be able to see what we are doing. Loot needs to have use. The funny thing is the explanation for the tiny text. "We designed for the worst case scenario." Would that be worst for p.c.? Did you design for 640x480 geared at CRTs? I ask t
  11. I find it amazing that it took a few scant weeks to resolve issue with gem deductions in premium pet purchases however we still do not have readable text. I don't know how a company can list "integrity" as a company focus and make playability worse with a recent patch yet immediately fix the only real thing affecting their bottom line. Have you a deal with opera glass makers? Does it affect your bottom line in a positive way to leave tiny text? Please get someone in who understands graphic design to correct this. This is not my only issue, suggestion or complaint, and look forward to a multi
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