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  1. Same with Zen Monument...this should have been fixed long ago cause its not even a real Bug, just some + where a - should be.
  2. Just checked the new Weather System on Dragonfall Gates and overall its ok i guess , but two things came into my Mind when i looked at it: - Trees usualy dont have Leafes in Winter - Snow doesnt get a purple coloring when the Sun shines on it Leafes are not realy a problem , but this purple here and there feels quite strange to the Eye ,considering the rest of the Map is kind of grey.
  3. Came across the same problem some time ago and figured out that Burstshot is either OP or broken, always doing significant, like 10k more DPS then comparable Bows/Staffs .
  4. Long: How Final are the current Designs of the Abilitys and Towers ? Some feel clunky/unfitting like Manabomb or doesnt have much use at all (Train Dummy, Earthshatter Tower...) Lightning: Can we expect at some time in the future, to have a way to deploy Sphere-activated Towers, like Flamethrower, without contantly puting Spheres in and out again? Its getting realy tedious.
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