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  1. Hey! You recently changed the lockboxes to "You cant get what you already own", but there are still people out there (like me) who do have duplicate accecories, Will there be a possible reroll? @Trendy
  2. "Crying in the shower because "Heavy-Cannonball is Faster, 20 DU Cheaper, Reliable, can Hit Harder and has AOE" Meh, I really want to use it, but i just CANT
  3. What do you mean with the bugged crits? At the start it worked with the Panic Fire Sphere what was overpowered, but recently the protons didn't cause that much bug (at least for me, they did the right DPS)
  4. Abyss Lord: Ramster Stats: 3800 DP 0.20 Crit Chance 3500 Crit DMG 3000 Crit DMG on Ramster; Scaling 0.85? iamisom The Ramster is meant to be ridiculously good at one thing, massive AoE burst. His weakness is… pretty much everything else. The old Ramster 60 DU 3800 DP * 3.0 = 11400 Atk DMG 1 Attack every 1.87 s (or 0.535 Attacks / s) -> 11400 DMG / 1.87 s = 6096.257 DPS -> 0.20 Crit Chance * 3000 Crit DMG * 0.535 Attacks / s = Approximate 321 Crit DMG / s (A really small amount) The new Ramster 50 DU 3800 * 3.2 = 12160 Atk DMG (+760) 1 Attack every 2.5 s (or 0.4 Attacks / s) (-0.135) -> 12160 DMG /2.5 s = 4864 DPS (-1232,257) -> 0.20 Crit Chance * 3000 Crit DMG (Assuming its still the same) * 0.4 Attacks / s = Approximate 240 Crit DMG / s (-81) We can see that the Ramster did got a tiny buff in the Burst Aspect (+760) but lost overall DPS (-1313.257). In addition he can't proc the electrocute combo that often anymore due to the long attack reset (I often used it as a combo piece). I don't think the DU decrease of 10 does overcome the losses the Ramster took DPS/Combowise, maybe the road to go with the Ramster shouldn't be a pure AoE Burster (I could use Traps, they are a lot cheaper and do attack for 26k) but a tool to control a big crowd of enemies. What is your opinion? EV2: Proton BeamStats:10300 Crit DMG2800 Defense Power0.25 Crit Chance Old Proton vs New Proton:1139 ATK DMG * 1s/0.30 = 3796 DPS Base Dmg 6% = 0.06 Frosty Chance 0.06 * 1s/0.30 = 0.2 Times frosted per 1s -> 36.000 DCD * 0.25 Crit Chance * 1s/0.30 = 30k approximate Crit Dmg / 1s -> 10.000 DCD * 0.25 Crit Chance * 1s/0.30 = 8333.3 approximate Crit Dmg / 1s The step from 34k DPS to 10k DPS seems a lot to me, you could've went from the 245 to 150 Scaling to test it out first. I don't think it is worth anymore to build the Proton Beam over the LA, because the LA can be buffed by around 5k per Frosty Tower and has a way bigger range + synergy. Apprentice: Earthshatter TowerStats:50 DU3900 Defense Power 0.2 Crit Chance 4500 Crit DMG 11250 Crit DMG on Tower (2.5 Scale) 1 Attack per 5s (0.2 Attacks/s) DPS Comparison Old-New: Increased the scaling from 15 to 22Old Atk DMG: 58500 -> 12k DPS [With max. Attack Speed: 16k] New Atk DMG: 85800 -> 17k DPS (+5k) [With max. Attaack Speed: 24k (+8k)] Just a simple DPS increase without fancy shenanigans, nothing to say here but Thanks Trendy. Huntress: Poison Dart TowerStats: 3900 Defense Power 40% Poison DMG increase (Sphere + Bow) 75% detonation DMG in a 1200 radius -> The Aura showcases a 1200 units circle (the detonation radius, still big) Just the breakdown of the new PDT, no comparison: Poison has a scaling of ~3.5 Defense Power (goes up to ~5.5 scaling). The pure Poison has a DPS of 22k (28k) and the tower applies Poison to more than one enemy through attacking AND (thanks to HundredthMeister, he tested it for me) through the explosion if a poisoned target dies. The explosion itself does ~ 3k. The PDT has a lot of different components and i think the Nerf just reduced it's power from the over-the-top 145k DPS to a level, suited for a 40 DU tower. This was a good Nerf in my opinion, but on thing that can be improved: don't cap the poison DMG at T2. Squire: Ballista Stats: ballista is weird and the enemies have to be in a line to be effective
  5. Just because you can't spam archers anymore doesn't mean you can't play maps anymore. I never used them (although I got a 710ish iPwr AL) and still made it through my maps with a tad bit of creativity :D And the AL isn't quite, you can build Ramsters, some weird Orc Blockades or use the Archers as intended :D
  6. I also prefer Vector, BUT I think the dark background (even if following the trendy website design) is a pain in the eyes for me, i would appreciate an option for a brighter side :D
  7. Awesome Stuff (is awesome)
  8. Does that mean we have to do the Grinding all over again?
  9. Its possible to cancel the animation when you revert from the hunked down mode by using Death from Above OR more interesting by pressing any directional key and the your repair/upgrade/sell key. The last cancel is REALLY useful. Now, does anyone know a way to cancel the Death from Above flight? That would be dandy
  10. Onu

    Suggest a Sphere!

    Uber Sqhere (Monk): Channelled Skyguard: The Skyguard Tower targets one foe at a time.
  11. Onu

    Suggest a Sphere!

    Medium Sphere: Bomb-Ex: Take X% less damage from explosions.
  12. If a frozen enemy is knocked up, he dies instantly (except bosses). If you spam a directional key (e.g. W for forward) you move like a robot.
  13. Onu

    Make pet food stack

    +1 pet food doesnt stay long in the inventory, but it sure is annoying that everything else stacks (e.g. vials, shellium) but not the food
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